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Episode begins with Yuvraj tells Preesha that he will also join the discussion but Rudraksh and Preesha tells him to wait outside. Yuvraj curses them and waits outside. Rudraksh says because of Preesha they are safe now and praises her. Preesha says Mahima suspecting them still, so they has to do something now. He says Arjun has proof against Mahima and says he was supposed to return tomorrow from his honeymoon and calls him but Arjun didn’t pick his call.

Mahima thinks if Preesha, Yuvraj didn’t came to Khurana mansion in Santa’s disguise then who came there as Santa’s. She says it’s Preesha only and maybe Preesha knew about her doubt so arranged this video proof already. She says now Rudraksh is angry on her so she has to convince him first and finds him nowhere in the house.

Servant informs her that Rudraksh went out for jogging. Mahima comes out of the house and notices Preesha’s car then moves towards it and sees Yuvraj with Preesha. She asks them that what are they doing here. Preesha replies saying they came for drive and asks what’s her problem. Mahima refuses to believe her and asks her to tell the truth. Preesha says she was missing Saaransh so much so came to meet him but Yuvraj stopped her saying Mahima won’t let her meet him.

Mahima says obviously she won’t let her meet him and warns them to not come back otherwise she will call the Police and leaves from there. Rudraksh thanks Yuvraj for informing him about Mahima’s arrival on time and wonders how she got to know that they are together always. Yuvraj recalls how he saw Mahima coming towards them and exchanged place with Rudraksh. Rudraksh says they will go to Arjun’s house tomorrow because now staying here is risky ,

Mahima may return again. Next day, Rudraksh and Preesha reaches Arjun’s house. Rudraksh introduces Preesha to him. Preesha asks him to help them to expose Mahima. Arjun shocks knowing that Mahima is Preesha’s sister. He says tomorrow he will come to Khurana mansion and he promises that he will expose Mahima and makes sure that she ends up in prison. Ahana gets irritated seeing Preesha in Khurana house.

Mishka and Ahana taunts her. Preesha says she is here to prove someone’s lie. Rudraksh tells her to stop her nonsense talks and leave the house because no one is liar like her. She says their is one betrayer exists here. He asks who is betrayer here. She says she is here to expose Mahima’s betrayal and says she is deceiving both family since beginning. He defends Mahima. She reveals that Mahima was never a mental patient and she lied to them about it.

Mahima says Preesha lying. Preesha reveals that how Mahima destroyed the hospital and also how she used to conned rich boys. She says she even has proof to prove her point and calls Arjun. Mahima shocks seeing Arjun in front her. Preesha says Mahima betrayed him also and asks him to tell the truth to everyone. Arjun says he doesn’t know Mahima and says he is first time seeing her. He says Preesha brought him here to lie about Mahima. Vasudha who came there hears everything.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vasudha slaps Preesha.