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Episode begins with Ahana tells Sania that the latter’s problem is not her problem and the latter was blackmailing her but she won’t give Saaransh to Rudraksh no matter what and asks her to not expect anything from her. Sania thinks that she knows that Ahana will say something like this and Rudraksh should get Saaransh for her benefit so she is ready to betray Ahana and leaves from there. Ahana thinks that she knows that Sania must try to betray her that’s why she is going to leave India in 3 days so after that Sania can’t even blackmail her with her big secret.

On the other hand, Digvijay gets confused seeing Gopal and Vasudha. Armaan tells him that Preesha’s parents going to stay with them. Digvijay tells them about marriage date. Gopal asks him that whose marriage going to happen. Preesha informs him that she is marrying Armaan. He asks her that then what about Rudraksh. Vasudha tells him that they lost everything because of Rudraksh and asks him to not take Rudraksh’s name in front of her. Preesha asks them to not talk about Rudraksh. Gopal thinks that Preesha doing wrong.

After some time, Gopal meets Sharda and informs her that now Preesha marrying Armaan. She asks him that they are already married then why now. He reveals that, now only real marriage going to happen and till now they acted like couple. Rudraksh gets emotional hearing him. He asks that why Preesha hided this huge truth from him and realises that she was about to confess everything on their date. Sharda tells him that Preesha hided everything for Anvi’s sake.

Gopal asks Rudraksh to stop the marriage and find Saaransh in 3 days. Rudraksh tells them that he will find Saaransh no matter what. Ahana asks Nanny to pick up Krishna from tuition centre. Preesha and Rudraksh misses each other and recalls the moments they shared with each other and cries.

Preesha tells Gopal that she never thought one day she will leave Rudraksh to marry someone else. She says to him that she believed Rudraksh and their love but Rudraksh destroyed everything. She tells him that she still believes that Sania blackmailing Rudraksh but she won’t forgive him for what he did with her parents. He tells her that she don’t love Armaan. She tells him that she knows that but Armaan won’t hurt her Rudraksh. Nanny informs her that she is going to pick up Anvi from tuition centre. Preesha tells her that she will go to pick up Anvi.

Later, Preesha picks up Anvi from tuition centre. She sees Krishna crying there and asks her that why the latter crying. She calls Ahana but no response from other side. She takes Nanny’s number from Krishna and calls Nanny. She informs her that she is taking Krishna to home and asks her to inform Ahana about it. Nanny calls Ahana and informs her about her car puncture and tells her that Preesha took Krishna to her home and asks her to pick up Krishna from there. Ahana scolds her. Then she calls Sania and informs her that Krishna is with Preesha and asks for help.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh tells Sania about Preesha and Armaan’s fake marriage. Preesha tries to change Krishna’s dress but the latter pushes her.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th September 2021 Written Update: Rudraksh informs Sharda about Saaransh