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Episode begins with Arjun says Preesha showed Mahima’s picture to him and asked him to say to Khurana’s that he had an affair with Mahima in the past and Preesha offered money for this that’s why he agreed to lie but he realised that he is doing wrong by destroying someone’s life also his wife is Rudraksh’s big fan so if she got to know about this then his wife will leave him and he decided to expose Preesha.

Rudraksh thinks what happened to him suddenly and he can’t even say anything now otherwise Mahima and others will get to know that he is with Preesha. Mahima thanks Arjun for saving her dignity and image being a stranger when her own sister planning all this behind her back.

Ahana says first she betrayed Rudraksh now she is behind her own sister and why asks why she is doing all this. Arjun apologize to them for the trouble and leaves from there after saying that Preesha doing wrong with her sister. Mahima asks why she is doing all this and hugs Vasudha then asks did she heard what Preesha trying to do with her.

Vasudha says she heard everything and moves to Preesha. Preesha says Mahima acting and asks her to not believe her. Vasudha slaps Preesha and says she betrayed Rudraksh and married Yuvraj now trying to do all this with Mahima. She doesn’t let Preesha speak and asks how can she say all this about her sister. Balraj says he didn’t expected this from Preesha. Ahana yells at Preesha.

Rudraksh interrupts saying he will throw her out of the house and drags her along with him. He apologize to her and hugs her. She says Arjun said that he will tell the truth then why he changed suddenly and instead blamed her. He says it’s possible that Mahima knows about their plan and threatened Arjun and says Vasudha also against her now. Seeing Vasudha he yells at Preesha and goes inside. Preesha requests her mother to listen her but she leaves from there. Mahima acts like crying seeing Rudraksh.

He thinks now he has to support her and says he didn’t expected that Preesha will do something like this and says he won’t let her enter the house anymore. She hugs him saying he trusts her so nothing else matters for her. He goes to see Saaransh. She reveals that she already knows that Preesha, Rudraksh planning together to expose her truth and says she saw Rudraksh with Preesha in car and realised that everything was lie. She says bhow she got to know about Arjun and Rudraksh, Preesha too knows about him so she went to meet Arjun with Goons.

Arjun asked her to leave him. Mahima sees Arjun’s wife and says when he is married then why he is trying to spoil her life instead of living happily with his wife. She reads Preesha’s message from his mobile and orders the Goons to beat him. His wife pleads Mahima to leave him. Mahima takes his wife with her saying he has to do what she wants him to do otherwise she will kill his wife. He pleads her to not hurt his wife.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahima approaches journalist Chetana for interview. Preesha tells Rudraksh that Gautam is ready to help them to expose Mahima.