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Episode begins with Preesha thinks something is fishy otherwise why Kidnapper will ask for Saaransh. Sharda thinks Preesha hiding something from her. Ahana asks Preesha to tell the truth. Preesha says to her that she is not hiding anything. Ahana says to her that Preesha definitely hiding something from them. Sulochana tells Kabir to keep the cash in the locker safely. Sharda takes the key from Sulochana saying Preesha will handle it. Ahana asks Sulochana and Kabir to think who would have kidnapped Rudraksh. Kabir says to her that he will call CC and goes to his room. Sulochana follows him. Ahana thinks Preesha definitely not telling the truth.

Sharda asks Preesha to tell the truth. Preesha tells Sharda that Kidnapper wants Saaransh now. Sharda asks why they wants Saaransh and says to her that nothing should happen with Saaransh. Preesha says to her that Saaransh already faced so much because of Mahima. She says to her that she thinks Mahima is behind Rudraksh’s kidnap. She decides to go to prison to check Mahima and leaves from there.

Kabir says to Sulochana that this CC is really useless. Sulochana asks him to call CC and inform about Kidnapper’s call. She says to him that this is also possible that CC found Rudraksh so he called Preesha. Kabir says to her that if that’s true then CC would have called him. She says to him that CC is not saint to tell the truth to him and says maybe he want all the money for himself. Kabir calls CC and asks him to tell the truth. CC says to him that he never betrays. Kabir informs him about the call Preesha received. CC says to him that he will find the betrayer and disconnects the call.

On the other hand, Preesha informs Police inspector about Kidnapper’s demand. Police inspector says to her that Mahima is in the prison so how is this possible. She says to him that they need to confirm that Mahima still in the prison or not. He calls Jailer and learns about the fire accident which happened in the prison. He informs Preesha about the fire accident.

Maria informs Jerry about Mahima’s demand. Jerry asks her that they want money only and what they are going to do with Saaransh. Maria tells him that let Mahima do whatever she wants because they are getting money and they can live happily with that money. Mahima overhears their conversation and thinks she is just using them.

In Prison, Police inspector asks Jailer about Mahima. Jailer says to him that many died in the fire accident so he can’t help him in any way. Preesha says to Police inspector that she is sure that Mahima is the reason for this fire accident and she is also behind Rudraksh’s kidnap.

Jerry tells CC that he went to meet Maria. CC learns about the fire accident which happened in the prison and no one is allowed to meet the criminals. Preesha cries thinking about Kidnapper’s demand and says to Sharda that she can’t risk Saaransh’s life to save Rudraksh. Sharda consoles her and asks her to have faith in God. Saaransh says to Preesha that he is missing Rudraksh so much.

Episode ends.

Precap – Police inspector tells his plan to Preesha.