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Episode begins with Sania tells Armaan that she can’t see Rudraksh with Preesha. Armaan asks her that what is she saying. She accepts that she loves Rudraksh now. He tells her that it’s hard to believe that. She tells him that Rudraksh loves Preesha madly and even the latter didn’t love her like that. She says to him that Preesha was keep coming in between her and Rudraksh. He tells her that so that’s why the latter tried to kill Preesha that day.

He recalls that how he met Sania on accident day and how he confronted her. She confesses that she wants Rudraksh. He asks her to use Preesha’s parents and warns her to stay away from Preesha. He comes to reality and tells Sania that his plan worked, that’s why Preesha marrying him. She asks him that then what about her. He tells her that her marriage already happen with Rudraksh so he will love her soon. She reveals about fake marriage which shocks him.

She tells him that Rudraksh planning to find Saaransh in 3 days to stop the marriage. He tells her that Rudraksh should not get Saaransh. She tells him that Ahana has Saaransh and she just know Ahana’s big secret nothing else. He tells her that Rudraksh should not know that the latter don’t know anything about Saaransh’s whereabouts and asks her to keep lying to Rudraksh for 3 days. She agrees with him.

Later, Anvi asks Thakur’s that what’s happening. Vasudha tells her that Preesha and Armaan marrying again for the latter. Anvi gets excited hearing her. Meanwhile Ahana thanks Sania for the help. Sania asks her to disappear for a while if the latter wants Saaransh then. Ahana asks her about the plan. Sania tells her to do something.

Next day, Anvi asks Preesha that why she is going to tuition on haldi day. She gets happy seeing Rudraksh. He asks her about the decorations. She informs him that Preesha and Armaan’s marriage going to happen. He tells her that he is sad because no one invited him. Anvi asks Preesha that why the latter didn’t invite him. Preesha tells her that he is busy with someone else that’s why. Rudraksh tells her that he is totally free now that’s why he came. Preesha asks Anvi to wait in the car and the latter leaves from there.

She tells him that she won’t change her decision of marrying Armaan. He asks her that then why she didn’t marry him till now. She tells him that she realized that only Armaan can keep her happy that’s why she decided to marry Armaan. Armaan comes there and asks her that is Rudraksh troubling her. Anvi takes Preesha from there. Armaan asks Rudraksh to not return again. After some time, Sania tells Rudraksh that she is going to meet Ahana and leaves from there. Preesha picks up Anvi and sees Krishna. She tells Krishna’s Nanny that she will take Krishna for icecream treat.

Episode ends.

Precap – Krishna gets locked in a room and Preesha tries to rescue her.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th September 2021 Written Update: Sania learns about Preesha and Armaan’s fake marriage