After the first spin off by Gul Khan with Dil Bole Oberoi from the parent show Ishqbaaz almost every show of Indian television is adopting the culture of presenting spin off of a popular long running daily.

The television Queen producer Ekta Kapoor currently topping the list with producing the most successful spin off shows in her kitties. After Kundali Bhagya huge success on the trp charts she is all set to launch another spin off of her popular daily “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” on Star Plus. The buzz for the spin off is going around from a long time and finally today the channel posted the official promo of the spin off featuring Raman and Ishita in it.

The promo play out like the turmeric ceremony is going on of someone’s marriage. Ishita is affectionately watching someone from a distance with Raman. Suddenly she asks him if Ruhi was my daughter and not yours then will you accept me still? Raman pretends to think for a while and then smile and says ofcourse I will do, is this even a question to ask? Ishita says I am confident that you will give a positive answer. Raman says I know you are worried about your niece Trisha. Trisha who is an unmarried girl but she has a son to look after. When a relative at the marriage when you ask her to get married as she is aging, she said I am a mother of a son and that is why my marriage is not happening. If I was a father then by now I will surely get married.

The story of this sister show of Yeh Hai mohabbatein is is going to revolve around Trisha and her relationship with her son and how she finds the Ravan Kumar of her life in this journey as Ishita says.
Well the promo is dealing with the gender biasness of our society. Where is the society look up in men with child with sympathy and believe that they deserve a second chance in life contradictory neglects and cornered women for the same reason.

The story will showcase the journey of a single mother and her struggle with this patriarchy mentality of society. Where the parent show showcases the journey of a woman becoming a mother of a child without having a born and blood relation. While the sister show will highlight those men who accept a kid as their own and women who dares to become a single mother in the society.
Sargun Kaur luthra who was last seen in Colors show Tantra will play the tutorial role of Trisha in the show. Well, the show is looking promising and surely is going to bring a change if handled carefully. The topic is no doubt sensitive and the treatment needs to be delicate and subtle. Watch the Promo posted by Star Plus here :

How much are you excited for the show? Let us know in the comments section. The show is all set to hit the screen soon.