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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Raj informs Rudraksh that he got admission in KD college. Rudraksh congratulates him. Raj says that it’s Rudraksh who brought an orphan like him to his house after seeing him in the singing competition so all the credit goes to him. Rudraksh’s cousin Vidyut comes there and greets Rudraksh. Rudraksh informs him that Raj got admission in the latter’s college and he goes downstairs. Vidyut asks Raj to act like he don’t know him in the college. Saaransh gets up and goes upstairs when Rudraksh came to join them for breakfast. Ruhi recalls that how Saaransh confronted Rudraksh when Rudraksh returned from the hospital. Saaransh blames Rudraksh for Preesha’s decision. She notices that Rudraksh is upset and cheers him up. Sharda learns about it and thinks that Ruhi is like Preesha. Next day, Kanchan informs Thakkurs that Preesha left for Delhi with Pihu. Rudraksh and Raj reaches the KD college. Preesha and Pihu comes there.

Armaan calls Preesha and questions her. She tells him that she will return once Pihu settles in the hostel. He confirms that she has her medicines. He asks Pihu to take care of Preesha. Pihu apologizes to him for bringing Preesha to Delhi without telling him. He learns that Rudraksh will reach KD college to attend orientation. So he decides to reach Delhi. Digvijay tells him that Preesha hates Rudraksh so they need not to worry. Armaan tells him that Rudraksh loves Preesha still if he learnt that Preesha lost her memory then he will try to bring her memory back. College staff gives flower bouquet to Pihu and tells her to collect her scholarship certificate. Preesha starts sneezing so she goes to washroom. She stucks in the washroom because the door gets jammed. She screams for help. Rudraksh hears her slightly and tells her that he will help her. He introduces himself to her. She gets angry and faints. He goes to call the cleaning staff.

Meanwhile, Armaan reaches the college and rescues Preesha. Rudraksh returns with cleaning staff and learns that, that lady’s husband rescued her. Armaan thinks that he is glad is that he manged to take away Preesha before Rudraksh could see her. Preesha wakes up and she finds herself in a hotel room. Kanchan asks her that what happened. Preesha tells her that someone named Rudraksh helped her but she fainted later. Armaan asks her to leave to Mumbai but she refuses. So he also decides to stay in Delhi to take care of her. She thanks him. Pihu collides with Raj and she is about to fall down but the latter holds her. She accuses him for trying to take advantage of her and lashes out at him. Vidyut mocks her. He forces her to go on her knees and apologize to him. She goes on her knees. He skids and falls down. She recalls that how she tied his shoelaces of his shoes when she went on her knees. She mocks him and leaves from there. Raj asks Vidyut to let it go but Vidyut plans to get his revenge.

Ruhi makes sure that Rudraksh eats. Pihu tells Preesha about college incident. Thakkurs goes to ice cream parlour. Rudraksh and Ruhi comes there. Armaan spots Rudraksh so he spills ice cream on Preesha’s dress deliberately and he apologizes to her. He lies that clients waiting for him and he takes her from there. Rudraksh and Ruhi enters the ice cream parlour. He leaves her on the same table where Preesha was and goes inside to get ice cream. Ruhi notices Preesha’s hand kerchief and wonders that how it came there. She returns home and shows the hand kerchief to Saaransh saying that she found it in the ice cream parlour.

In the college, Pihu learns that chemistry lab got covered with smoke. Vidyut comes out and faints due to smoke. Ruhi asks someone to help but none comes forward. She thinks that smoke filled his nostrils and gives him cpr. Everyone records it. Vidyut wakes up and reveals that it was all his plan to get his revenge on her. He says that this video would become viral. She slaps him and asks everyone that if they  recorded it too. She thinks that Raj is also like Vidyut. Ruhi and Saaransh spots CCTV camera in the ice cream parlour and asks the owner to show the footage but he refuses. They explains that they are searching their mother. Rudraksh learns about Vidyut’s actions and he lashes out at Vidyut. Preesha tells Pihu that she will accompany her tomorrow to visit Princepal’s office.

Ruhi pleads the shop owner to help her to find her mother by showing the CCTV footage. Saaransh also requests him. Shop owner shows the CCTV footage. Kids spots Preesha in the CCTV footage and gets happy. Saaransh notes down Armaan’s car number. Kids thanks shop owner and leaves from there. Saaransh finds out that, that car belongs to Cupola hotel. He tells Ruhi that Preesha must be staying in that hotel. They decides to meet Preesha in that hotel and leaves the house. Other side, Preesha and Pihu tells Armaan about Vidyut’s incident. Armaan tells them that he will accompany them tomorrow to visit Principal’s office. Kids reaches the hotel but they could not find out that who used that car. They decides to wait in the lobby to see Preesha. Receptionist asks them to leave but they refuses. So she calls Security guards and kids escapes from there.

Rudraksh questios kids that why they went to Cupola hotel. Saaransh says that Rudraksh don’t have any rights to question him and he takes Ruhi from there. At mid night, Rudraksh drinks tea in a road side tea stall. Preesha comes there and her car gets breakdown. Rudraksh helps Preesha’s driver. Meanwhile, Preesha drinks the tea which Rudraksh ordered. Rudraksh returns and learns that one lady drank his tea.

Next day, Rudraksh and Vidyut waits for Pihu in Principal’s office. Pihu comes there with Kanchan. She sees Rudraksh and gets relieved that Preesha did not accompany her. Armaan recalls that how he saw Rudraksh with Vidyut and took Preesha from the college, lying that they have to meet his client. Pihu accuses Rudraksh which shocks him. Rudraksh makes Vidyut apologizes to Pihu which she records it. He asks Pihu to not believe fake articles. Kanchan says that they should finish the matter with this. She thanks Principal and leaves from there with Pihu. Rudraksh apologizes to Principal on behalf of Vidyut. Preesha calls Pihu and asks her that what happened. Pihu is about to inform her about Rudraksh but Kanchan snatches the phone from her and tells Preesha that Vidyut apologized to Pihu.

Ruhi learns that Saaransh is sick. Sharda asks her to not disturb Saaransh. Ruhi thinks that she has to reach the Cupola hotel to find Preesha. She tells her that she wants ice cream which is available in Cupola hotel’s coffee shop only. Sharda thinks that yesterday also kids went to that hotel. She asks her to get ready saying that she will take her there. Ruhi goes to get ready. Sharda tells everything to Rudraksh. He tells her that it looks like kids hiding something from him. He adds that he will reach the hotel to see what Ruhi want to do there.

In the upcoming episode, Rudraksh will learn that Armaan staying at Cupola hotel with his family. He will reach the hotel and follow Ruhi. Ruhi will spot Preesha and call her as mother and the latter will get confused hearing Ruhi.

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