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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Preesha reaches the cafe and gets shocked seeing Armaan. He tells her that he has cancer and he is going to die so he wants her to take care of Anvi. She tells him that she will take care of Anvi. Revati sees them and clicks their pictures. She asks police officer to collect information about Armaan. Later, Preesha is about to help Ruhi to take bath but gets cramps and screams in pain. So Rudraksh helps Ruhi to get ready. Revati learns about Preesha and Armaan’s past. She asks Rudraksh to sing in their concert. He agrees to sing. He convinces Preesha to join lamaze classes. He struggles to do breathing exercise and gets upset that he is not able to help Preesha. She tells him that his caring is what matters for her.

Revati complains about bed bugs so servants cleans the house. Preesha is about to fall because of the slippery floor but Revati saves her by putting the bed under Preesha. Rudraksh thanks Revati and takes Preesha to a room. Revati recalls that how she throw oil on the floor deliberately. She tells Rudraksh that Preesha should not attend his concert because venue must be crowd. He agrees with her and tells Preesha to get some rest. Preesha tells him that she is tired so she will sleep. Armaan calls Preesha and tells her that he informed Anvi about his disease and she is scared. She decides to reach the hotel.

After concert, Rudraksh could not contact Preesha so he gets worried. Revati tells him that she put tracker in Preesha’s phone and traces her location. She reveals that Preesha is in the hotel and looks like Preesha blocked Rudraksh’s number. She recalls that how she blocked Rudraksh’s number in Preesha’s phone and downloaded tracking app too. Preesha enters the hotel room and asks Armaan about Anvi. Armaan tells her that Anvi slept after crying a lot. He hugs her and thanks her for doing all this for Anvi’s sake.

Rudraksh gets angry seeing Armaan hugging Preesha. He beat Armaan up and Preesha stops the former and tells him that Armaan dying. He refuses to believe and says that Armaan deceiving her again and leaves from there. Revati tells Rudraksh that there must be some reason that’s why Preeta came to the hotel. Preesha asks her to not interfere in between husband and wife’s matter. Rudraksh asks her that why she blocked his number. She checks her phone and wonders that how it happened. They reaches Khurana mansion.

Rudraksh informs Sharda about Armaan. Preesha learns about tracker and lashes out at Revati. Revati tells her that the latter misunderstood everything.  Rudraksh defends Revati. Revati says that she will leave the house but Rudraksh stops her. Later, Preesha yells at Rudraksh for not listening her. She feels baby’s kick and tells about it to Rudraksh. He asks her to yell at him again and he also feels baby’s kick. Next day, Revati gets shocked seeing Rudraksh and Preesha together and learns about their patch up. Rudraksh tells Revati that he and Preesha trust each other so no one can separate them.

He asks her to not even think to leave the house because of Preesha’s behaviour. She tells him that she won’t leave the house until Preesha’s delivery. She decides to use Gopal to teach a lesson to Preesha. Gopal calls on a wrong number and informs Rahul about his kidnap. He pleads him to tell about his kidnap to Preesha. Rahul calls Preesha and informs her about Gopal’s location. She realises that, that’s Revati’s house. She asks Sharda to bring Revati to Revati’s house. She reaches Revati’s house with Rudraksh. She accuses Revati of kidnapping Gopal. But she won’t find Gopal in Revati’s house. Rahul comes there and says that Gopal left for Madurai with his father. He video calls Gopal. Preesha talks to Gopal and gets confused.

Rudraksh apologizes to Revati on behalf of Preesha. Revati recalls that how she learnt that Gopal found the landline and transferred all the calls to her phone from the landline. And she hired Rahul to trap Preesha. Preesha wonders that why Gopal lied. Revati tells her that she should not have kept Gopal alive. Preesha yells at her. Revati tells her that the latter’s mistake can become the reason for Gopal’s death. Preesha pleads her to tell that where is Gopal. Revati calls her men and shows Gopal to Preesha and Gopal is tied with bomb. She reveals that Rahul is her men and she shifted Gopal to somewhere else. She orders her men to blast Gopal. Preesha screams hearing blast sound. She gets relieved hearing Gopal’s voice. Revati warns her to not do anything against her.

Later, Preesha gets drenched in the rain and asks God to save her family from Revati. Armaan comes there and offers to help her. But she rejects it. Next day, Revati makes Preesha sign on the papers which states that Preesha will give the baby to her after delivery. Preesha helps Rudraksh in the lamaze classes. Later, Revati’s higher police officer comes to Khurana mansion and orders constable to arrest Revati which shocks everyone. He says that Revati took bribe from business that’s why they are arresting her. Revati defends herself. She checks her bank account on his behest and gets shocked seeing 1 crore rupees balance in her account.

Armaan’s uncle Digvijay comes there and says that Revati took bribe from him to pass the consignment. Revati says that Digvijay lying. Police officer says that he has proof against Revati and shows Revati and Digvijay’s handshake picture. Revati recalls that how she collided with Digvijay and he handshaked with her. Rudraksh defends Revati and accuses Digvijay and Armaan. Police arrests Revati and takes her from there. Rudraksh follows them and asks Revati to not worry because he is sure that Armaan is behind all this.

Preesha asks Digvijay that if Armaan is behind Revati’s arrest. Armaan comes there and accepts that he is behind Revati’s arrest. She gets shocked learning that he knows Revati’s real face. She asks him that how he knows about Revati. He recalls that how he sent Malti to take care of Preesha and how Malti sent the video of Revati blackmailing Preesha to him. He tells her that he has sources and he did all this for Anvi’s sake because Anvi going to stay with her in the future. Rudraksh arranges bail for Revati using 1 crore rupees and he tells about it to Preesha. They fights. Revati sees everything and thinks that soon Rudraksh will hate Preesha.

In the upcoming episode, Preesha’s baby shower ceremony will happen. Later, she will get admitted in the hospital for delivery.

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