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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Revati thinks that caterer didn’t mix poison in the kheer and calls him. Preesha comes there with caterer’s mobile. She says that she knows Revati’s real intentions. Revati tells her that it’s good that the latter knows the truth because she can attack openly now. Preesha asks her that how can the latter betray them when they treated her like a family member. Revati says that Khuranas ruined her family so she will ruin them. She adds that Preesha can’t prove her wrong because the latter don’t have any proof against her. Preesha locks her in a room and thinks to flop Revati’s plan. Revati thinks that blast will happen during marriage. Preesha decides to tell Revati’s truth to Rudraksh. He shows marriage outfit to her. He makes her wear nupital chain which gets broken. Sharda feels bad seeing that. Everyone gets ready for marriage.

Gopal checks Revati and leaves from there. Revati escapes through bathroom window. Rudraksh sits on the marriage mandap. Preesha comes downstairs. Her duppata gets torn because Ruhi stepped on it by mistake. So Preesha goes upstairs. Priest begins chanting mantras. Smoke increases and everyone faints. Preesha gets shocked seeing everyone and wonders that what happened to them. She also faints. Revati enters the house wearing mask and says that she gave poisonous ingredients to Priest and because of that smoke everyone fainted. She decides to separate Ruhi from Khuranas and picks Ruhi. Preesha stops her from taking Ruhi from there which shocks her. She reveals that how she got alerted seeing everyone coughing and called for medical help. Revati points gun at her and tells her that she don’t care about anything because she wants her to yearn for Ruhi like how she is yearning for Dev.

Tarun brings Alia there. Revati hides the gun seeing Alia. Preesha takes Ruhi from Revati. Alia says that Preesha invited her to surprise Revati. She asks that what happened to others. Revati tells her that everyone fainted because they smelled smoke and she came to help them. Doctor comes there and Preesha gets medical help for everyone. Revati thinks that Preesha saved everyone but she won’t give up until she achieves her goal. Rudraksh asks that who is behind this. Revati says that she will catch the culprit. Preesha tries to tell the truth of Revati to Rudraksh but Revati interrupts and asks Rudraksh and Preesha to marry. Preesha decides to tell the truth to Rudraksh after marriage. Rudraksh and Preesha gets married.

Later, Revati brings Yuvraj and says that it’s him who is behind the smoke attack. Yuvraj takes the blame for the things which Revati did. He recalls that how Revati met him and made deal with him. He accepts the deal because he didn’t had any other choice. Rudraksh beat Yuvraj up. Revati stops him saying that Yuvraj will be punished. Police takes Yuvraj from there. Preesha asks Yuvraj that why he lied. He tells her that he really did all that and reminds her that his goal is ruining her and Rudraksh’s life. Preesha tries to tell Revati’s truth to Rudraksh but vomits. He asks her to get some rest and they falls asleep. Next day, Preesha learns that Alia left and confronts Revati. Revati tells her that she won’t let her use Alia. She shows the video of Saaransh and Dev fighting on the terrace saying that Rakesh gave this video to her. She reveals that she kidnapped Gopal. She tells her to not tell anyone about her truth if she doesn’t want to lose Saaransh and Gopal then. Preesha faints again.

Revati congratulates Preesha saying that the latter is pregnant. She tells her that she wants that child because that child is Dev. Preesha refuses to give her baby to Revati. Revati tells her that if the latter doesn’t give her baby then first Gopal will die and then Saaransh. Preesha pleads her to not do like that. Rudraksh comes there and asks Preesha that what happened. Other side, Gopal unties himself and wonders that where is he now. He finds landline there. Revati informs Rudraksh that Preesha is pregnant. He screams in happiness. Sharda and kids learns about Preesha’s pregnancy. Everyone gets happy except Ruhi. Preesha asks Ruhi that what happened. Ruhi tells her that no one will love her once baby comes. Rudraksh tells her that no one can take Ruhi’s place and he knows that Ruhi will love her sibling the most. Ruhi gets convinced.

Revati sees Gopal in the CCTV footage and goes to him. He hides the landline hearing footsteps. She tells him that he has to stay there for 6 months. She thinks that Preesha can’t guess that Gopal is in her home. Preesha tells Rudraksh that she wants baby Rudraksh this time. Later, she writes letter revealing Revati’s truth on anonymous name and puts it with other letters. Ruhi leaves for school and Revati joins her. Rudraksh is about to read the letter. Revati video calls Preesha and shows that Ruhi is with her. She informs her that she knows about the letter. She threatens to kill Ruhi. Preesha pleads her to not kill Ruhi. Revati asks her to stop Rudraksh from reading the letter if she don’t want to lose anyone then. Preesha acts like fainting to get Rudraksh’s attention.

Rudraksh drops the letter and helps Preesha to sit. She sends everyone to the kitchen and takes the letter. She goes to her room to get some rest. Revati returns home and tells Preesha that Ruhi is in the school. Preesha tells her that one day the latter’s truth will be out. Revati tells her that she will make sure that Rudraksh trust her more than the latter. Later, Revati pushes Preesha from the staircase which turns out to be Preesha’s dream. Rudraksh asks Preesha to calm down. He brings his family to make her sleep. Next day, kidnapper gives food to Gopal and unties him. Gopal notices the CCTV camera. He finds out that landline is dead and finds the wire. He hides the landline hearing footsteps.

Outside hospital, Rudraksh tells Preesha that he will take care of her. He moves aside to talk on a call. Revati asks truck driver to hit Preesha and it should look like an accident. Preesha is about to get hit by truck but Revati saves her and faints. Rudraksh and Preesha admits Revati in the hospital. Rudraksh tells Preesha that Revati put her life in danger to save the latter. Preesha wonders that why Revati saved her. Doctor tells them that Revati is fine but she needs rest. Rudraksh tells Revati that he can’t repay the favor. She tells him that she lost her son and she don’t want Preesha to face that pain. He goes to bring medicine. She reveals to Preesha that she did this to gain Rudraksh’s trust. Armaan returns to India. Gopal calls on a wrong number. Rudraksh takes Preesha to panipuri shop in the middle of the night to fulfill Preesha’s craving. Next day, Armaan anonymously messages to Preesha asking for a meeting. Preesha thinks that it could be Revati’s new plan.

In the upcoming episode, Preesha will be  shocked seeing Armaan. Revati will see them together and learn about their past. She plan to use Armaan against Preesha. 

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