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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Goons kidnaps Ruhi and Yuvraj rescues her. He recalls that how he hired Goons to kidnap Ruhi so he can impress Ruhi by rescuing her. He also recalls that how he heard Ruhi and Saachi’s conversation and learnt that what Ruhi expects from her father. He does everything to impress her and she also thinks that he will be the best father for her. She reaches home and finds Rudraksh’s sorry card. She goes to Rudraksh and informs him that she wants Yuvraj as her mother’s husband but her mother is angry with Yuvraj. He suggests to arrange a date for her mother and Yuvraj. She places a kiss on his cheek for his best idea and runs from there.

Next day, Yuvraj reaches school to pick Ruhi up and he tells Teacher that he is like Ruhi’s father. Teacher complains about Ruhi to Yuvraj. He defends Ruhi and tells her that he will pass the message to Preesha. Ruhi thanks him for saving her. He tells her that he will protect her always. She informs him about date plan and he gets happy hearing her and goes to prepare for date. Later, Ruhi tells Rudraksh that how Yuvraj saved her from Teacher. He tells her to make sure that her mother looks pretty for date. She goes to Preesha and asks her to get ready for Christmas party. After some time, Ruhi takes Preesha to date venue and apologizes to her for lying to her. Yuvraj comes there and tells Preesha that she is here to meet him. Preesha questions Ruhi and the latter asks the former to solve the problem by taking with Yuvraj. He asks Preesha to stay for Ruhi’s happiness so the latter agrees.

Ruhi takes Rudraksh to Saachi’s house to attend Christmas party. She reveals to Saachi that Santa is Rudraksh only. Preesha yells at Yuvraj saying that he is using Ruhi for his selfish reasons. He reminds her that in that past she used to love him. Other side, Saachi keep winning all the games which upsets Ruhi so she moves aside and stands alone. Rudraksh goes to her. She scolds him for not making her win. He tells her that she is looking cute in anger like his Preesha. He informs her that he can’t do cheating but he will do something else to make her win.

Yuvraj reveals about Ruhi’s kidnap to Preesha. He tells her that the latter and Ruhi needs a man in their life to protect them that’s why he want to become Ruhi’s father. She accepts that Ruhi needs a father but he don’t deserve to become Ruhi’s father and if destiny wants then Ruhi will get father who understands and protects her always. Rudraksh announces partner game and he becomes Ruhi’s partner and they wins the game. Preesha warns Yuvraj to not even dream to become Ruhi’s father and asks him to leave the village. Mukhiya’s men destroys Preesha’s clinic.

Preesha finds Ruhi in Saachi’s house. Ruhi understands that date didn’t work. Rudraksh thinks that it’s hard to believe that he is living in this village that too without drinking alcohol and also he feels like Ruhi is not stranger for him. Ruhi informs him that she is leaving with her mother and she asks him to leave. Later, Preesha collides with Rudraksh but they could not see each other’s face because of the darkness. She realises that she collide with Rudraksh and she escapes from there before he sees her. He thinks that he collide with Preesha for sure and searches her. She returns home and thinks that she would have hallucinated Rudraksh because he left village after concert.

Next day, Preesha cries seeing her clinic’s condition. Mukhiya’s men warns her to pay rent in two days. Ruhi hears that and she informs about it to Rudraksh. She gives medicine to him for his cold and fever. He contacts Bunty and asks him to bring one lakh rupees. Yuvraj meets Ruhi and learns about Mukhiya’s threat. One guy goes to Mukhiya and pays Preesha’s house rent. Mukhiya’s man gives receipt to Ruhi saying that they got the rent amount. And Ruhi gives it to Preesha and informs her that she shared their problem with Yuvraj.

Other side, Bunty informs Rudraksh that rent has been paid. Rudraksh refuses to leave with him saying that he is living as Preesha’s Rudraksh in this village and he won’t return before finding her. Preesha scolds Yuvraj for paying her house rent. He takes the credit and tells her that he paid it for Ruhi. Later, Mukhiya’s men sees Ruhi with Yuvraj and they informs about it to Mukhiya. Vaijayanti asks Bunty about Rudraksh. Rudraksh tells himself that he can’t forgot Preesha’s touch and he knows that she is alive. Ruhi informs him that her house rent has been paid by Yuvraj.

Rudraksh wonders that why Yuvraj keep taking his credit. She tells him that her mother is still angry at Yuvraj. He tells her that Yuvraj has to make her mother jealous. He says that he want to see all the woman’s face because he is searching someone. She asks him to attend new year party to find that person. Mukhiya’s men kidnaps Yuvraj and takes him to Mukhiya. Mukhiya slaps Yuvraj and says that the latter did wrong by helping Preesha. His men beat Yuvraj and leaves from there. Yuvraj thinks that he took free credit and now got beaten up too.

Preesha goes to bathroom. Ruhi asks Rudraksh to take bath and return soon because she has to return to school. He opens the bathroom door when Preesha was inside. He didn’t see her face and runs from there. She asks that who is that. Ruhi notices her mother’s sandal and sends Rudraksh to storeroom. She makes an excuse when Preesha questioned her. She tells Rudraksh that he can’t take bath and she is keep telling lies to her mother because of him. He acts like leaving saying that he don’t want to trouble her. And she stops him saying that she knows that he is acting. She makes him take bath in public place. He complains about the place. So she says that he is experiencing so many new things because of her.

Later, Ruhi learns that Mukhiya’s men beat Yuvraj and she takes him to clinic. Preesha treats Yuvraj and asks him to stay away from her. He thinks that Ruhi is his new ATM and he plans to use Ruhi to get money from Rudraksh. Rudraksh asks Ruhi to buy him new dress for new year party. So Ruhi asks Yuvraj to take her to shopping. 

In the upcoming episode, Ruhi will buy red dress for Rudraksh and she will give it to him. Later, Preesha will ask Ruhi that where was the latter till now. Ruhi will say that she was with Rudra.

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