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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Preesha asks Rudraksh to help her to get ready for Mehndi ceremony saying that she is feeling weak. He helps her to wear all the jewels and ties her blouse knot. He understands that she is doing this deliberately. Meanwhile, Saaransh informs Ruhi that he ordered a guitar for Rudraksh. She tells him that she will receive the parcel and asks him to look after the decorations. Later, Mehndi ceremony begins. Mehndi ladies applies Mehndi on Preesha’s hands. She asks Ruhi to call Rudraksh and say to feed them because they can’t eat by themselves today. Ruhi makes Rudraksh feed Preesha. Preesha bites Rudraksh’s finger when he feeds her. She makes him write his name on her hand saying that, that’s a ritual. Servant prepares juice for Rudraksh on Preesha’s behest. Revati mixes salt in it without anyone’s knowledge. Rudraksh spits the juice and yells at Preesha. He goes to his room. Saaransh questions him about his behaviour towards Preesha. Rudraksh reveals the reason.

Saaransh defends Preesha and asks him to not forget that what all Preesha did for them. He reminds him that the latter also made mistakes but Preesha supported him that time and didn’t torture him like how he is torturing her now. He says that he knows that how much Rudraksh suffered without Preesha and asks him to forgive her. Rudraksh tells him that he needs time. Preesha asks Saaransh that why he seems upset. He tells her that Rudraksh told everything about Rajeev’s murder. She apologizes to him for not informing him. He says that she has done so much for him and that’s what matters for him. She hugs him. Revati reminds Ruhi about Rudraksh’s gift.

Ruhi tells Saaransh that they should give the guitar to Rudraksh. Preesha asks them about the guitar. Saaransh says that he ordered limited edition guitar for Rudraksh. Ruhi gives the guitar to Rudraksh saying that it’s her and Saaransh’s gift. He gets emotional and smiles seeing the guitar and says that he always wanted to buy this because it’s a limited edition. He hugs Ruhi and Saaransh. Kids asks Rudraksh to sing a song. Rudraksh takes Preesha to the stage and sings ” Will you marry me ” song. Then he picks the guitar and plays it. But faints because of shock. Revati recalls that how she cut the wire and smriks. Sharda says that they should admit Rudraksh in the hospital. Preesha says that they don’t have much time and gives CPR to Rudraksh. He regains his consciousness and they takes him to his room. Revati thinks that Rudraksh and Preesha saved each other.

Sharda says that Preesha saved Rudraksh’s life and also the former’s life. Preesha tells her that she did it for her family. She assures Ruhi and Saaransh that Rudraksh is fine and he is just taking some rest. Next day, Preesha wonders that who fixed her mehndi because it got ruined last night while saving Rudraksh. He enters the room with breakfast and asks her that if the design is okay. She understands that he fixed her mehndi. She asks him that how is he now. He tells her that he would have died if his wife had not saved him then. He adds that he is not angry at her now because he understood that she was saving their family from sadness by hiding the truth from them. She says that he was right in his place and hugs him. They apologizes to each other. Kids gets happy seeing their parents patch up. Revati also sees everything and gets pissed off. She decides to target kids because they are Rudraksh and Preesha’s weakness.

Later, Rudraksh makes Preesha angry by saying that she gained weight. Then he convinces her. Revati tries to put a packet in Saaransh’s room. But Gopal and Saaransh comes there and sees Revati. Saaransh asks Revati that what is she doing near his study table. Revati lies that she needed pen urgently to sign on the papers. He gives pen to her saying that it was in front of her only. Other side, Rudraksh gifts evil eye pendant to Preesha. They goes downstairs and Sharda compliments them. Saaransh and Ruhi acts like Rudraksh and Preesha in their performance. Revati goes to Saaransh’s room and keeps the drug packet there. Rudraksh and Preesha begins their dance performance. The police comes there and stops the sangeet ceremony.

Police inspector says that they hava to raid the house because they got information that there is drug in the house. He reveals that Saaransh is involved in this drug case. Rudraksh and Preesha defends Saaransh. Police inspector says that a student took Saaransh’s name. Constable brings Tarun there. Preesha asks Tarun that why he is dragging Saaransh in drug case. Revati defends Khuranas. Police inspector says that he has to do his duty. Revati tells Rudraksh to not stop the Police because they knows that Saaransh is innocent. Rudraksh nods at her. She thinks that she will snatch Saaransh from Preesha like how Preesha snatched Dev from her.

Police starts searching the house. Preesha says that it looks like someone forced Tarun to took Saaransh’s name. Rudraksh consoles the worried Saaransh and takes him from there. Ruhi asks Preesha about police search but the latter doesn’t answer her. So she goes to Revati and asks her too. Revati tells her that it’s illegal to keep drugs and it will look like white colour powder, so if police found it then they will arrest Saaransh. She goes to police inspector and asks him to search Saaransh’s room. She acts like scolding him seeing Gopal there. Ruhi finds drug packet and takes it with her. She consumes it so police doesn’t find it. Police finds nothing in Saaransh’s room. Rudraksh scolds police inspector and the latter apologizes to him.

Later, Ruhi faints. Sharda screams seeing that. Everyone goes there. Ruhi wakes up and reveals that she consumed the white colour powder which she found in Saaransh’s room. Saaransh says that he didn’t keep drugs in his room. Revati suggests to call the police because it’s drug case. But Preesha and Rudraksh admits Ruhi in the hospital. Preesha visits temple to pray for Ruhi. She overhears saphera’s conversation and confirms that Revati brought poisonous
snake to the house. Preesha informs Gopal that Revati brought snake to their house. He reveals that he already suspected Revati and says that how Revati instigated Sharda against Vasudha and how he saw her in Saaransh’s room. She tells him that they have to find proof against Revati. He suggests to meet Tarun. They meets Tarun. Preesha informs him about Ruhi and pleads him to tell the truth. She asks him that if Revati forced him to take Saaransh’s name. He accepts that Revati threatened him.

Other side, Revati brings the police to the hospital saying that it’s a drug case and they have to arrest Saaransh. Doctor says that Ruhi didn’t consume drugs but chalk powder. He recalls that how Preesha convinced him to lie. Revati sends the police from there and understands that Preesha got to know everything. Later, Rudraksh and Preesha cancels the marriage. Ruhi wakes up and asks them to not cancel it for her sake, so they decides to marry. Next day, Gopal tells Preesha that he installed spy app on Revati’s phone. They follows Revati and finds her meeting their caterer. After some time, Revati serves ‘kheer’ to Khuranas and wonders that why poison didn’t work yet. Preesha recalls that how she exchanged the ‘kheer’ when she saw caterer mixing poison in the ‘kheer’ on Revati’s behest. She thinks that she won’t let Revati achieve her goal.

In the upcoming episode, Preesha will confront Revati. Later, marriage rituals will begin. Everyone will faint because of smoke. Preesha will get shocked seeing that from upstairs.

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