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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Venky recalls the past and tells himself that he will destroy Mishka’s happiness, the way she destroyed his life. He decides to hide from everyone that he recovered completely until he gets his revenge from Mishka. Meanwhile, Rudraksh demands kiss from Preesha if she liked his selection of sarees then. And she likes all of them and informs him about it and also tells him that she is glad that everything going on right track and everyone is happy. Next day, Mishka and Param’s haldi ceremony begins. Preesha tells Rudraksh that he should not apply haldi on her. Later, he tells her that he could not able to remove haldi from his face and calls her from washroom. She realises that he applied paint and they gets drenched under the shower and he rubs his cheek on her cheek.

Next day, Saaransh and Vidhi plays with Rubik’s cube puzzle but they could not solve it. Venky takes it from them and solves it. Later, Saaransh tells Rudraksh that Venky solved Rubik’s cube puzzle. Venky lies that he didn’t do that. Everyone supports Venky except Rudraksh. Later, Rudraksh tells Sharda that he saw Venky solving Rubik’s cube puzzle so he is not understanding that why Venky lied. Preesha hears that and she defends Venky. Venky overhears their conversation.

Venky tells himself that, thanks to Preesha that he got saved otherwise Rudraksh was adamant to prove that he recovered completely so he should be more careful from now on. Other side, Preesha tells Rudraksh that he knows that how much she loves Venky still he thought Venky lying about his recovery and by doing this he hurted her. He apologizes to her saying that his intention was not wrong. He thinks that still he feels that Venky lied.

Next day, Venky ties ‘Rakhi’ on Preesha’s hand saying that it’s her who protects everyone. She gets emotional. Mishka doesn’t likes her red lehenga for her mehndi function. So Rudraksh orders her favorite pink lehenga. Later, Mishka leaves the room to pick the call and when she returns the lehenga has been ruined. Everyone wonders that who would have done it. Rudraksh tells them that seems like someone wants to get revenge from Mishka and he will find out the culprit. Preesha agrees with him and she convinces Mishka to wear that red lehenga. Venky recalls that how he tored Mishka’s lehenga and decides to ruin all the marriage functions.

Param compliments Mishka and she gets happy after learning that red is his favorite color. Rudraksh drags Preesha aside and tells her that they should marry every year with all the functions. She tells him that they have marriage anniversary for that and leaves from there. Vidhi applies mehndi on Mishka’s hand on behalf of groom side to begin the function. Venky takes the scissors he used to tore Mishka’s dress and he puts it in the sweet box and throws it in dustbin. Rudraksh asks Preesha that why she didn’t apply mehndi yet. She tells him that she is busy so she can’t apply now and leaves from there.

After some time, she sees his hand and gets surprised seeing ‘Rusha’ on his hand. She also writes ‘Rusha’ on her hand to express her love to him. Later, Servant gives sweet box to Rudraksh which has scissors and he removes Mishka’s dress piece from it. He watches kitchen footage and sees Venky throwing that sweet box in the dustbin. He wonders that why Venky ruined Mishka’s dress and he confronts him. Venky tells him that the latter don’t have any evidence to prove that, there was scissors in that sweet box so Preesha won’t believe him. Rudraksh apologizes to him for the misunderstanding and realizes that Venky using Preesha’s emotions.

Venky takes Preesha with him before Rudraksh goes to her so Rudraksh follows them. He gives gifts to them and blessses them to stay together always. Preesha gets emotional and hugs him. Rudraksh thinks that Preesha won’t hear anything against her brother. He gets Dr Radha’s appointment to discuss about Venky’s case. He realises that Preesha heard his conversation with Dr Radha and tells her that he wants Venky to lead a normal life and do job. She decides to accompany him. Next day, Venky learns that Preesha and Rudraksh going to visit Dr Radha.

Later, Dr Radha sees Venky’s medical report and tells Rudraksh and Preesha that progress is slow. Rudraksh notices Venky with hospital staff. Venky recalls that how he gave bribe to hospital staff to change his medical report. Rudraksh learns about fake report from hospital staff and gets the original report. In the khurana house, Preesha takes Rudraksh with her for puja and keeps the report aside. Venky destroys the report and acts like he got an attack. Everyone takes him to his room. Rudraksh notices the report and gets worried thinking that how he is going to expose Venky in front of Preesha.

Venky recalls that how he learnt from Dr Radha’s assistant that Rudraksh got the original report and tells him to leave the city for few days. Rudraksh suggests to call Dr Radha and Preesha agrees with him and calls her. Later, Dr Radha examines Venky and tells others that he needs rest that’s it. Rudraksh informs her about Venky’s fake report when she is alone so she suggests to take Venky’s tests again. Venky sees them together but could not hear their conversation. Preesha helps Mishka to select sandal for sangeet ceremony. Venky sees that.

Next day, Rudraksh records Preesha saying that he can see this when she is not around him because nowadays she is busy with hospital work too. Saaransh misunderstands that they are fighting and asks them to hug and he records it. After some time, Rudraksh breaks Preesha’s blouse hook while flirting with her. Then he hugs her and takes her to their room. Meanwhile, Venky breaks Mishka’s sandal then fixes it using fevicol. Mishka and Param’s sangeet ceremony begins with Rudraksh and Preesha’s dance performance. Saaransh records everything. Rudraksh notices Venky going upstairs and he decides to follow him.

Mishka and Param dances on their sangeet ceremony. She twists her leg while dancing because of her broken sandal and she falls down. Rudraksh comes downstairs hearing Mishka’s scream. Param takes Mishka to her room. Rudraksh checks the sandal and notices glue in it and confirms that someone deliberately broke it. Preesha reveals about Mishka’s sprain and suggests to postpone the marriage. But Mishka opposes it saying that she can’t wait for a year so marriage will happen tomorrow only and she will take painkiller.

Later, Rudraksh asks Mishka that what happened between her and Venky. She reveals the past to him and tells him that Venky forgave her already. He thinks that Venky didn’t forgive her yet. Next day, Rudraksh gets the recording of Venky breaking Mishka’s sandal but only his hands are visible. He confronts Venky and shows the recording. Venky accepts that he is taking revenge on Mishka because he suffered a lot because of her. Rudraksh decides to tell the truth to Preesha and Venky tries to stop him. He drops the mobile and he is about to fall from stairs.

In the upcoming episode, Rudraksh will tell Venky that he won’t let him stop Mishka’s marriage. Later, Venky will enter Mishka’s room and he will try to molest her.

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