Yeh Hai Mohabatein hardly shows low voltage drama and yet again they will be setting their bars hight with this new drama in the storyline. Airing in Star Plus the show gears up for some drama involving Arijit, Raman, and Yug. Arijit has some evil plan under his sleeve which he’s eagerly waiting to unveil.

Plotting something big against the Bhalla family Arijit makes use of Yug’s one wrong step as his cue card to showcase his plans. Raman is already not impressed with Yug for the mistake he made which caused a huge loss for Bhalla industries. Raman and Yug indulge in a war of words.

Meanwhile, Arijit instigates Raman in an evil way asking him to kick Yug out of the business which Raman ends up doing as per Arijit’s plan. Yug is highly agitated with Raman’s action towards him. On the other hand, Tara will find incriminating evidence in the Bhalla house.

Adding more fuel to the fire Natasha will be blackmailing Arijit. Not stopping here, the events in the Bhalla house will bring more agitated drama in the upcoming episodes filled with dark twists and turns. Keep reading for more updates.