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Episode starts with Sudha confronting Dia about the preparations of the Puja, to which latter assures her that she will handle everything. Meanwhile, Madhu comes there and sees the rangoli created by Dia and says that it is fine. She then taunts Dia by giving verdict about her handmade sweets without even tasting it, while the latter insists her to eat it first. Dia handles the situation, while Bhavna determines to teach a lesson to everyone. Whereas, Armaan comes there and notify Dia about the important office work. He ask her to complete it as her boss has given a time limit, while she starts doing it. Whereas, Madhu mocks her for prioritising her office work more then Puja preparations.

Here, Armaan tries to convince Madhu and ask her not to judge Dia. He takes a stand for his wife, whereas Bhavna thinks about an evil ploy and decides to break Dia’s fast. She comes towards Dia seeing her engrossed in work and forwards coffee to her and Armaan. She picks it up along with Armaan, without realising about her fast.

Sudha was about to stop Dia, but Madhu prohibits her stating that she wants to test Dia’s capabilities. She smirks waiting for Dia to drink the coffee and ruin her fast, but the latter kept it aside. Then again Dia was about to drink it, when Armaan unknowingly reminds her about her fast.

Elsewhere, Dia realises about her mistake which she was about to commit and leaves the coffee. She shows her gratitude towards Armaan, while he also realises about the situation. Sudha gets relieved, while Madhu and Bhavna becomes disappointed.

Anju and Dia’s father gets ready to attend Rastogis puja and panicks thinking about all the stuffs they have to take there. Anju becomes worried thinking about Madhu’s test and gets tensed for Dia. Whereas, Palki remembers the taunts of Madhu and denies to go there. Anju tries to convince her and ask about the matter, while the latter somehow convinces her mother not to force her.

Ahead, Krish calls Palki and learns that she have decided not to attend the function. He notify her that how much efforts Dia have putted in the function and insists Palki to attend it. Whereas, she gets convinced and assures to come there. Whereas, Dia gets busy with her office work, while Armaan tries to get her attention.

Dia complains about all the pressure and shares her worry of messing with the preparation of the Puja. Whereas, Armaan gives her a list of Puja ingredients and ask her to relax. She gets elated and shows her gratitude towards him for always helping her. She starts doing the arrangements while Madhu keeps an eye on her.

Further, Bhavna gets irked seeing Dia’s efforts and again ploys to break her fast. She burns something which created smoke and keeps it inside the kitchen where Dia was working. Suddenly, Dia starts coughing badly due to it, while Armaan tries to make her drink water but the latter denies telling about her fast. Bhavna tries her best to make Dia drink the water, while Sudha sees the situation and scolds Bhavna for her deed.

Precap:- Dia prepares sweets for the Puja, while Bhavna messes it with sour liquid. She destroys Dia’s effort, while Madhu ask Dia to put the dishes near the God. Whereas, Dia’s family comes there and Madhu meets them. She says that she wanted to tell Dia’s parents about the upbringing they have given to their childrens.

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Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 6th May 2022 Written Update: Madhu invites Mathurs to the Puja