Star Plus longest running show, to witness high voltage drama in the coming days with the growing tension between Kaira.

As per the sources, show is all set to take another leap but before that currently in the show edge of the seat drama is going on with the van missing that was carrying jewelry, which was supposed to be delivered at Jadejas. Everyone gets worried hearing the news. Naksh says someone has planned this. Kartik, Naira and others started searching for the van. Kartik and Naira argues on the way while searching for the van.

Later, Kartik ask police to let him check the Van. Inspector takes Kartik with him and he gets shocked seeing the empty Van. Otherside, Gayu asks Manish to take a rest and don’t stress. Dadi cries meanwhile Naira left the place because of her work. Akhilesh gets a call. He tells Samarth that Karan’s secretary is asking their money back because they are taking designs from Mihir, which Naira has designed. Samarth doubts Mihir and says he has done it intentionally. Dadi starts blaming Naira and Manish asks her to stop blaming her for everything.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Samarth will inform his family that he suspects Mihir to have stolen their jewelry contingent. Here, Kartik will also suspect Mihir to be involved in the jewelry theft but to his surprise Naira will support Mihir. Kartik will vent out his anger and will throw the files. He will scream at Naira saying, Goenka’s business is over because of her but her name holds a position because she is a face of Mihir’s brand. Naira will feel hurt and will cry recalling Kartik’s word otherside, Kartik will spot Mihir at the flea Market.

What Kartik will do next and what is that which will separate Kaira, well for all the answers keep watching, Yeh Rishata Kya Kehlata Hai.

Keep looking this space for more updates.

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