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Today’s episode starts with Sirat bringing Akshu to Kartik. Kartik gets happy seeing Akshu. He asks Sirat to sleep and get ready early tomorrow. Sirat decides to reveal about her past to Kartik. Luv interrupts and asks Kartik to come as Akhilesh is urgently calling him. Sirat asks Kartik to leave. Kartik asks Sirat what she was about to tell. Sirat says to Kartik to focus on his work as her talk is not very important. Later, Sirat thinks her talk is important but she is not able to talk with Kartik.

There, Sheela enjoys AC. Riya comes and Sheela pretends sleeping. Riya decides to forcefully ask Sheela about Sirat’s secret. Here, Sirat dreams of Ranveer. She wakes up. Mauri asks Sirat about her worry. Sirat says to Mauri that until she will reveal to Kartik about her past, she will be restless. Mauri asks Sirat to tell to Kartik about her past and close the matter. Sirat decides to talk to Kartik.

In the morning, Suwarna informs Riya that they are going to the temple. She asks Riya if she wants to accompany them. Riya decides to stay back to talk with Sheela. Suwarna asks Riya to take care of Kairav and Vansh. Sheela says to Goenka’s that she too wants to visit temple along with them. Riya stops Sheela from leaving the place. She confront Sheela about Sirat’s past. Sheela refuses to tell Riya about Sirat. Riya gets irked with Sheela.

Other side, Kartik talks about Akshu and bring smile on Sirat’s face. He asks Sirat to tell what she was about to tell. Sirat about to speak but gets hiccups. There, Kairav, Vansh and Sonu demands Riya to prepare snacks for them. Riya avoids Kairav, Vansh and Sonu and gets bust on call. Kairav, Vansh and Sonu decides to teach Riya a lesson.

Here, Sirat thinks whenever she is trying to tell Kartik about her past, some or other thing happens. Kartik attempts to divert Sirat’s mind so that she can get rid of her hiccups. Later, Kairav, Sonu and Vansh trouble Riya.

Further, Kartik asks Sirat to tell what she was about to tell him. Sirat decides to reveal about her past to Kartik. Himanshu interrupts them and asks Kartik to drop him to the nearby temple as he is getting late for his wedding. Kartik decides to help Himanshu.

Meanwhile, Goenka’s return. They gets shocked seeing Riya. Sheela, Sonu, Kairav and Vansh’s laugh on Riya. Later, Himanshu suggest Kartik and Sirat to visit the temple as it is famous. Sirat enters the temple. She talks to Kartik about her past.

Here, Riya asks Sheela about Sirat’s past. Sirat tell to Kartik about her boyfriend. Kartik asks Sirat he doesn’t need any detail. There, Sheela reveals to Riya about Sirat’s boyfriend. Later, Sirat reveals her childhood story to Kartik. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sirat talks to Kartik about Ranveer. Ranveer visits the temple where Sirat and Kartik sharing a talk.