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Today’s episode starts with Sirat’s friend asking her friend if leanred anything about Kartik’s wife. Sirat’s friend ask Sirat about Kartik’s full name. Sirat tell Kartik Goenka. Here, Kartik think why he has to spend whole night at Sirat’s place, he don’t understand. Sirat asks her friend if he learned anything as her internet is slow. Sira’s friend see picture of Naira and gets shocked. Sirat asks her friend what happened. Sirat’s friend tell to her that he is sending his picture. His friend adds anyone would been in Kairav’s place, would have done the same. At Goenka house, Kairav see Suhasini and gets happy. He tells to Suhasini about Sirat. Kairav says none believe him. He asks about Kartik. Mainsh tell Kartik will come next morning. Kairav think Kartik should bring back her mother. There, Sirat struggles to download Naira’s picture. She see Kartik getting trouble is sleep. Sirat goes to help Kartik but mosquito net falls on him. Sirat apologize. Karitk and Sirat fix the net. Sirat asks Kartik to sleep. Further, Sirat about to see Naira’s picture but her phone battery dies. She thinks now she can see only in the morning why Kairav and Kartik reacts seeing her. Sirat says she will find about Kartik’s wife. Kartik see Naira’s picture and miss her.

At Goenka house, Rhea tell to all her friend that she only wants to marry Kartik and bothers for none. She says by taking care of Akshu and Kairav she is trying to impress Kartik. Suhasini see Akshu and asks Rhea to sleep. She says she will take care of Akshu. Suhasini feels sorry for not able to bring back Naira and cries. Other side, Mukesh and Sheela knocks at Sirat’s door. They along with society accuse Sirat for hiding boy in the house against society. Sheela and Mukesh don’t find Kartik. Sirat in the flashback think, Kartik at the midnight says to Sirat that he wants to leave. Sirat asks Kartik if in the dark he will be able to drive. Kartik says yes. He was about falls and Sirat helps him. Back to reality;  Sheela and Mukesh accuse Sirat for hugging Kartik and now hiding him. Mauri asks Sheela to accuse her as she is the one who brought Kartik home. Sheela asks mauri to stop taking Sirat’s side. Argument happens between Sirat, Mauri and Mukesh. Later, Sirat gets shocked seeing Naira’s picture.

Other side, Kartik calls out for Naira. He ask God why he made him met Sirat. Kartik says Sirat is Naira’s face alike but she is very different. He worry what he will tell to Kairav about Naira’s face alike. There, Mauri send Mukesh, Sheeela and others out from her house. Sirat shows to Mauri Naira’s picture. Both sit shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sirat decides to meet Kartik and Kairav. Sirat comes to meet Kairav and Kartik.