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Today’s episode starts with Manish coming down. Krish says to him that he looks cools. Manish meets everyone. He goes to Naira and says she kept asking him not to take that route but he didn’t listened to her and forced her to take the same route. Kartik gets stunned hearing the truth. He further asks Manish to hug him too. Goenka’s takes the family selfie. Krishna stands aside. Ahead, Kartik says to Manish that they have missed many moments with him thus, wants to relive all. He says they will start from where they left. Keerti prays to God for fixing everything. Naksh comes to Keerti and says everything is fine know and now she can reveal about their divorce to everyone.

Suwarna celebrates Teej with Manish. Ladies of the house performs a dance. Later, Kartik sits alone Naira goes to Kartik. Kartik says he does not still believe that Manish is fine. Naira pacifies him. He says God keep showering miracle. Baby cries and Kaira goes to see her.

There, Suwarna and Manish shares a moment. Suwarna asks Manish to never leave her again else she will die. Manish asks Suwarna not to talk bad. Manish and Suwarna hugs each other.

Suahasini makes baby sleep. Keerti plays with baby. Karitk asks to give baby to him. Surekha takes the baby next. Akhilesh says next he will play with baby. Karitk takes the baby from Surekha and asks everyone to find some other work as he will play with  baby. Manish comes and says to Kartik baby don’t look good in his hand. Everyone laughs.

Later, Naksh and Keerti signs divorce paper. Kartik about to catch the duo but baby cries and Kartik’s mind get diverted. Further, Naira and Kartik spends time with baby. Krishna thinks to meet the baby but Surekha stops her. She taunts Krishna and says don’t know why Kaira brought her back from orphanage. Krishna gets upset. Other side, Karitk and Naira dance on ‘meri duniya tu hi re’ song with baby. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Manish throws Krishna out from the house.