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Today’s episode starts with Naira seeing the ultra-sound report of her daughter and miss her. Kartik console Naira. Naira talks about Chori and says if she wouldn’t have saved the file then they would have lost the memory of her daughter. Kartik asks Naira not to get affected by Chori’s presence as she will leave them soon. Naira gets upset.

There, Chori throws the medicine. Meanwhile, Keerti looks for her picture. She dreams of Aditya telling truth to Naksh. She panics. Naksh console Keerti. Further, Kaira shares a quality time with each other and dance on ‘Baarish’ song. Here, Chori recalls her childhood and cries.

In the morning, Kartik wraps gifts for Chori. Suwarna, Surekha, Gayu and Akhilesh, talk about Chori. Suwarna asks Kartik not to send Chori so soon. Ahead, Naira goes to check CHori. She discovers Chori has a high fever. Kartik and Naira worry for Chori. Naira learned to escape going orphanage, Chori didn’t took medicine.

Naksh sees Krish’s picture with Aditya. He also spots Aditya and Keerti together. Here, Kartik recalls his moments with Chori. Later, Kartik decides to stop Chori with them.

Kartik says to Goenka’s that God sent Chori to them, thus for humanity sake they should stop Chori from leaving. Naira and others gets happy. Suhasini comes back home and over hears Kartik and Naira’s talk. She learns that Kartik has decided to keep Chori with them. Suhasini don’t react. Naira shares with Kartik that Suhasini is not in a favor to keep Chori at their place. Kartik says he will talk with Suhasini. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Orphanage people come to take Chori back with them.