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Today’s episode starts with Mauri calling out for Sirat. Sirat shows Naira’s picture to Mauri. Mauri asks Sirat why she is showing her picture. She asks Sirat from where he got this cloth. Sirat disclose to Mauri about Naira. She tells that Naira died few months ago. Sirat says that’s why Kartik and Kairav misunderstood her. She recalls her moments with Kartik and Kairav. Mauri ask Sirat from where she learned about Naira. Sirat says Rohan find it on internet. She cries and asks Mauri if she had any twin. Mauri says no. Sirat says why God is playing with her. She cries. Mauri asks Sirat if she is so restless than think about Kartik and Kairav. She adds destiny is playing with Kairav and Kartik too. Mauri says now she understand why Kartik hug her at the ghoomar night. There, Kartik finds Sirat’s bracelet. He receives a call from Manish. Manish asks Kartik to come back home. Kartik says he is on the way and soon will return to his family and children. Here, Sirat recalls her behaviour towards Kartik and Kairav. Kartik thinks he will move on whatever he felt at Jaisalmer. He decides to spend life with his children and family. Kartik decides to move on.

Afterwards, Sirat says to Mauri that until she will apologize to Kartik and Kairav for her behaviour, she will be restless. Sirat cries and says Kartik can understand but Kairav is kid and she needs to make him understand about her behaviour towards him. Mauri asks Sirat if it will be fine going to someone’s place like this. Sirat says she needs to visit Udaipur for Kairav. She think last she was going to Udaipur for some other reason but now she will visit Udaipur for Kairav.

Kartik throws angel bracelet and go back home. He see his house and decides to convince Kairav to live with Naira’s memory. Kartik think he will bring happiness in Kairav’s life. There, Sirat remembers about Naira and decides to visit Kairav as soon as possible. Here, Kartik scares Suhasini. Suhasini see Kartik’s wound and asks about the same. Kartik says he is fine. Suhasini asks Kartik if the girl resembles Naira which Kairav was talking about. Kartik says Naira is matchless. He urge Goenka’s for his sake to stop talking about that girl. Karitk asks Goenka’s to promise none will go to Jaisalmer ever. Manish announce the same. Ahead, Kartik meet Kairav. Kairav gets happy seeing Kartik.

There, Sirat cries her heart out in front of Rohan. Rohan console Sirat. Sirat see Sonu struggling to open cookie box. She helps him. Rohan gets shocked. He asks Sirat if she is fine. Sirat says she is not well until she apologize to Kartik and Kairav. Kartik tries to make Kairav understand that Naira and Sirat looks similar but latter is not his mother. Rhea over hear the talk and wonders why Karitk hide from Goenka’s that Sirat looks alike Naira. Episode ends with Karitk asking Kairav to move on from Sirat.

Precap: Gayu see Sirat. Sirat runs back. Kairav goes missing.