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Today’s episode starts with Manish and Luv helping Kartik and Kairav to stand up. Krishna and Krish waits for Kartik and Naira. They see Mainsh with Kartik. Suhasini brings auspicious plate to welcome Naira. She asks Manish about Naira. Manish holds lifeless Kartik. Suwarna asks Manish about Naira. In the meantime, Akshara cries and Goenka’s see her. Kairav realises Akshu is crying and goes to meet her. Naira photo falls along with Kairav. Kartik enters the house and kairav thinks, he will help him to stand up. Kartik picks up Naira’s picture frame and keeps it. Kairav and Goenka’s stands stunned. Further, Akshu cries and Gayu console her. Kartik goes to Akshu and walks away. He walks lifeless and locks his room.

Suwarna asks Mainsh about Naira. Luv Kush, Akhilesh and Naksh enters the house. Naira’s stuff fallen from Naksh’s hand and Goenka’s cries out loudly for Naira. Kairav sees Naira’s bangal and stands shocked. Naksh says to God why he did in justice by taking Naira’s life. Keerti console Naksh. Naksh asks God why he snatched Naira and Akshara both from him. He asks God why he didn’t take his life instead. Naksh cries for Kairav and Akshara. Kairav goes to Naksh says Naira is brave and she can’t die. Manish console Kairav. Kairav says to Manish that Naira is brave and everyone’s favorite. He adds Naira promised him that she will not him. Manish replies to Kairav that Naira was everyone’s favorite and maybe God’s too. He says God called her and now she won’t return ever. Kairav refuses to believe, Naira is no more.

There, Kartik see lip mark on mirror. He recalls his moments with Naira. Meanwhile, Kairav asks Manish to take him to Naira. Manish console Kairav. Suwarna, Kalandi and Suhasini cries for Naira. Suhasini says Naira was heart of the house. Gayu cries for Naira too. Other side, furious Kartik breaks the stuffs of him room. Here, Kairav gives Naira’s bangal to Gayu and takes Akshu with him. Surekha breaks down and cries for Naira. Suhasini cries holding Surekha. Ahead, Kairav urges Kartik to open the door as Akshu needs him. Kartik continues to break the stuffs of his room. Mainsh and Suwarna console Kairav. Later, Kartik finds Naira’s recorded toy for Akshu and Kairav. Akshu stops crying. Suwarna takes her. Kartik hugs the toy and cries. Manish and Suwarna cries for Kairav and Akshu.

Both worries for the future. Afterwards, Goenka’s recalls their moments with Naira and cries. Gayu regrets for not able to apologize to Naira. Pandit asks Goenka’s to gather together. Keerti says who will call Karitk as she is not opening the door. Manish decides to call Kartik. Naksh decides to bring Kairav, Akshu and other kids. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kartik decides to end his life. Naira stops him.