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Today’s episode starts with Kaira telling to Chori that she will stay back with them. Chori gets excited. Suhasini see them from far and thinks Kartik and Naira lost their mind. There, Keerti comes back home and lie to Naksh that she was waiting for online order but order was not her. She asks Naksh if he wants to have tea. After, Keerti leaves Naksh thinks why Keerti lie to him.

Here, Kartik fills Chori’s adoption form. Goenka’s search for Chori’s new name. Kartik calls her Krishna. Suhasini stops Kartik from signing the papers and asks him is he has gone crazy. She says Kairav won’t be able to share his parent with Chori. Kartik says to Suhasini that he will talk with Kairav. Ahead, Naira and Kartik signs the adoption paper of Chori. Chori runs away taking the paper. She thanks God for fulfilling her wish.

Meanwhile, Sudha enters the house to take Chori. She introduces Desai family and reveals that they have adopted Chori. Naira says to Sudha that she wants to have a talk with her. Kartik tells to Sudha that they want to adopt Krishna. Mr and Mrs. Desai ask Kaira not to snatch their happiness. Sudha tells them Desai’s have completed the procedure of adoption and now they are Chori’s legal parent. Suhasini asks Kartik to let Chori go with them. Chori overhears the talk and thinks she don’t want to leave the house. She hides herself in the big trunk.

Other side, Goenka’s looks for Chori. Kartik and Naira thinks Chori escaped from the house. Akhilesh says Guard told Surekha no one stepped out from the house. There, Chori struggles to come out from trunk. She faints inside it.

Later, Kartik looks for his mobile. He comes to Kairav’s room. He sees toys outside the trunk and thinks why it came out. He opens the trunk and stands shocked. Kartik calls Naira. Further, Kaira takes care of Chori. Naira lashes out at Chori and asks why she keeps risking her life. Chori tells them that she wants to stay back with them. KAIRA tries to make Chori understand that Desai’s have adopted her first and now she can’t stay with them.

Chori refuses to leave the place. Kartik promise to Chori that if ever she is in danger, he will come for her rescue. (Episodes Ends)

Precap: Naira tells to Kartik that she is pregnant.