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Today’s episode starts with Kartik asking Kairav if he is understanding what he is saying. He says he has cross-checked her background and she is very different from Naira. Kartik asks Kairav to move on from Sirat. He hugs Kairav. Kairav says he knows Naira is on mission and once her mission will be over, she will come back to him. Kairav says Kartik will accept Naira. Here, Sirat and Rohan takes blessing from Mauri. Kartik says to Kairav that they have to find happiness in small things, same like Naira used to do. He says sometimes she makes smiley on food or plan picnic at home. Kartik adds he will do the same. Ahead, Sirat says she is going to meet Kartik and Kairav to apologize them. She says only her face is alike but she has to make Kairav understand that she is not her mother. There, Kartik plans for basketball match at Goenka house. He cheer Kairav and asks him to play. Vansh takes Kairav with him. Rhea comes to Karitk and says she over hear his talk and asks if the girl is closely similar to Naira. Kartik tells to Rhea that only face is like else she is not Naira. Rhea says if the girl is Naira’s look alike than she has plus point to enter in Kartik’s life. She gets irked.

There, on the way Sirat’s bottle fall. She asks Rohan to stop the bike. Sirat finds her bracelet which Karitk left on the road. She gets excited. Rohan says to Sirat similar bracelet many can have. At Goenka house, Suhasini prays for Kartik and Keerti’s happiness. Gayu come and says she too wants to play. Kartik allows. Gayu asks from which team she should play. Kartik asks Gayu to enter in whichever team she wants. Gayu wear Naira’s name T-shirt and makes her own team. Goenka’s stands stunned. They all play the game. Ahead, Sirat reach Goenka villa.

Rohan and Sirat gets mesmerized seeing Goenka villa. Sirat decides to go back. Rohan encourages her and asks her to talk with Kairav and Kartik. Later, Gayu see Sirat on doorstep. She stands shocked. She address Sirat as Naira and recalls her moments with her. Gayu hugs Sirat and gets happy.

Other side, Kartik and Goenka’s struggle to calm down Akshu. Rhea says to Kartik that baby like Akshu needs a mother. Kartik asks Rhea not make it difficult by suggesting such thing as he has to take care of his children. Here, Sirat says to Gayu that she is misunderstanding her. Gayu insists Sirat to come inside the house. Gayu runs away. Gayu asks Kartik to stop Naira else she will go. She cries and Goenka’s stands shocked. Kartik asks Gayu not to talk about the girl else Kairav will feel bad. Surekha question when Karitk told girl is not similar to Naira, than how Gayu got confused. Goenka’s stand shocked. Afterwards, Sirat insists Rohan to take her back as she won’t be able to face Goenka’s. She says family loves Naira a lot. Here, Kartik says to Gayu that girl can’t be Naira. Gayu refuses to believe Karitk. Kartik says Sirat is Naira’s face alike. Goenka’s stands stunned. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Karitk asks Sirat to go back and never show her face to Kairav again.