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In today’s episode, Manisha asks Abhira why Ruhi is cleaning her room. Abhira says she will go after fixing Madhav and Vidya’s relationship. Madhav returns home, wounded. Abhira and Manisha worry about Madhav. Manisha makes sure Vidya learns about Madhav’s accident. Vidya worries about Madhav.

Charu urges Dev to meet her once. Kaveri spots Charu. Charu urges Dev to meet her at the café.

Vidya hesitates to help Madhav. Abhira urges Vidya to forgive Madhav and move on. Manisha, too, tries to convince Vidya to give Madhav a chance. Ruhi asks Abhira why she is troubling Vidya. Abhira asks Ruhi to instigate Arman. Vidya asks Abhira to stay away from her. Ruhi asks Abhira why she can’t live in peace. Abhira taunts Ruhi.

Charu waits for Dev. Dev asks Charu not to wait for him, as he will not come to meet her. He questions Charu’s love as she fails to take a stand for their love in front of her family.

Manisha asks Abhira to help her remove the decoration. Arman spots Abhira. Abhira asks Arman about the divorce papers. Arman says that once he gets the papers, he will sign them. Abhira decides to sign the papers. She falls into Arman’s arm. The poddars stand stunned.

Kaveri asks Arman what he is doing. Abhira takes the blame. Kaveri asks Arman to find the divorce papers and sign. Madhav taunts Kaveri. Vidya gets offended. Madhav asks Vidya to stop ruining Arman and Abhira’s relationship. Arman urges Vidya not to argue.

Manisha asks Vidya if they can’t avoid Arman and Abhira’s divorce. Vidya says Abhira doesn’t care about Arman. Ruhi makes sure Arman eats. Manisha gets angry at Abhira for not taking care of Arman. Abhira asks Kaveri to make a new start. Kaveri rejects Abhira’s offer. Abhira asks Kaveri not to break Vidya and Madhav’s relationship.

Arman finds the divorce papers. Kaveri asks Abhira not to interfere in her family matters. Abhira asks Kaveri to team up with her to bring Vidya and Madhav closer. Kaveri asks Abhira to confess in court that her marriage was forced. Abhira is stunned.

Kajal praises Ruhi for taking care of the family. Arman confronts Krish, Kiara, and Aryan about hiding the divorce papers. -Episode Ends

Precap: No precap.

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