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Today’s episode starts with Naira saying to Kartik that babies do like that. Kartik says but Naira when baby is with them she cries more. Naira says it is not like that and tells him that babies cry to express themselves. Kaira struggles to handle baby. Kartik panics. Naira tells him that when baby don’t burp they cry.

Other side, Naksh sees Aditya’s message on Keerti’s mobile and gets upset with her. Keerti tries to explain him that Aditya keeps trying to contact her from different number s and troubles her. Naksh refuses to believe Keerti. Krish interrupt and Naksh Keerti behaves normal in front of him. Naksh takes Krish out from the room with him.

There, Karitk says to Naira to take baby to the doctor. Thwy bring baby down. Suwarna asks Naira to give baby to her. Baby stops crying and burp. Suhasini asks Naira what she has eaten. Naira tells rice and chole. Suwarna asks Naira to take care of her diet because she is feeding baby. She asks her not to eat heavy. Kartik says now he will take care of Naira’s diet. Ahead, Suhasini and Suwarna makes special pillow for baby. Akhilesh shares with Suwarna and Suhasini how Surekha tear pillow when Luv and Kush was small.

Late that night, Kartik brings sweet for Naira. Naira refuses to eat the sweet. Ahead, Kartik and Naira shares a quality time with each other. Duo dance on ‘jag ghumaya’ song. Baby interrupts the duo. Other side, Krishna decides to meet Manish but Suwarna stops her.

In the morning, Krishna meets Manish. Manish refuses to recognize Krishna. Here, Kaira thinks Manish loves daughters a lot. Manish recalls Krishna came that day under their car thus they met with an accident. He asks Krishna to get out from the house. Goenka’s stands stunned learning the news. Manish asks Krishna to leave his house. His health worsen, Goenka’s take care of Manish.

Afterwards, Naira explains to Kartik she didn’t fetched the time to tell him about Krishna’s truth. Krishna asks Kartik not to get angry at Naira. She tells them that she ran behind the car to return Naira’s purse. Kartik asks Krishna not to cry as she is not mistaken. Kaira hugs Krishna. Krishna says to Kaira that she doesn’t want to leave them and worries what if Manish will throw her out. (Episode Ends)

Precap:  Krishna walks out from the house.