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In today’s episode, Abhira remembers the past with Akshara. She gets emotional. Ruhi worries about Arman and Abhira. Arman asks Akshara if she is missing Akshara. Akshara shares with Arman.
Arman asks Abhira if a bonfire was her idea. Abhira and Arman spend quality time together. Ruhi gets locked.

Abhira and Arman get awkward. Arman decides to disclose his divorce to Abhira. Abhira falls asleep. Arman gets restless. Ruhi confronts Arman. Arman asks Ruhi to speak softly as Abhira is sleeping. Ruhi gets angry at Arman for hiding their love. Arman asks Ruhi if she is not bothered by anyone else’s feelings. He decides not to hurt Abhira. Arman calls Ruhi selfish. Ruhi lectures Arman on hurting her always. She gets angry at Arman for not understanding her. Ruhi recalls her sacrifice. Arman tries to talk to Ruhi.

Kaveri enjoys spending time with Charu, Aryan, Kiara, and Krish. Kaveri gets a call from Saxena. Saxena threatens Kaveri to harm Arman, Abhira, and Ruhi at Mussoorie. Kaveri gets shocked.

Arman asks Ruhi to believe in him, as he will talk to Abhira soon. Ruhi gets happy. Abhira sneezes. Arman worries about Abhira. Ruhi spots Arman and Abhira.

Saxena’s son threatens Kaveri to follow his order, or else he will expose her dark truth. Kaveri asks the goon not to harm Abhira, Arman, or Ruhi. The goon threatens Kaveri. Manoj, Manisha, and Vidya try to talk with Vidya. Vidya gets angry at Manoj, Manisha, and Vidya.

Abhira wakes up beside Arman. She argues with Arman. Abhira blushes after thinking about Arman. She decides not to think about Arman. Abhira decides to remember that Arman considers her just his responsibility. She further wonders if Arman has fallen in love with her. Arman spots Abhira smiling.

Abhira thinks Arman has started to like her. Arman decides to talk to Abhira about divorce. Kaveri gets angry at the doctor. Manoj, Vidya, and Manisha worry about Kaveri. Abhira looks for Ruhi. She finds Ruhi’s mobile. Manish calls Ruhi. Abhira takes Manish’s call. Swarna is shocked to learn that Ruhi is with Abhira and Arman. Abhira gets shocked to learn that Ruhi is in love. -Episode Ends

Precap: Arman looks for Ruhi. Someone asks Arman to decide whom he wants to save among Ruhi and Abhira.

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