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Today’s episode starts with Naira asking Krishna not to cry. Krishna says Manish is angry with her and she is not getting how to console him. Naira and Kartik console Krishna.

There, Keerti gets a call from the lawyer. He asks her to decide with Naksh and tell him who is taking the custody of Krish else he has to fight custody case separately. Keerti says Krish will stay with her. Krish refuses to stay with her and Naksh takes Krish with him (it was Keerti’s dream). Back to reality; Krish asks Keerti why she is calling out his name. Keerti hugs Krish and thinks she cannot stay separated with Krish.

Other side, Sushasini gets upset with Krishna’s presence in the house and calls her inauspicious. Krishna over hears Suhasini’s talk and cries. Ahead, Krishna prays to God and says because of her Naira and Kartik should not suffer. She decides to leave the house. Krishna praises the kindness of Kaira.

Here, Kartik and Naira decides to talk with the family to convince them that Krishna will stay back at the house. Kartik asks Naira if she has taken medicine. Naira says no. Kartik goes to bring water for Krishna. In the meanwhile, Krishna makes an art on the floor and thinks she won’t let Kaira learn that she is leaving. She prays to God keep take care of Naira, Kartik and Manish.

Kartik learns that Krishna has left the house. Naira and Kartik decides to find her. They see Krishna is trying to open the door. Duo stops her. Naira asks Krishna why she was leaving. Krishna says because of her all is upset. Naira and Kartik asks her not to over think and asks Krishna to promise them that she will never leave them. Later, Kaira decides to adopt Krishna.

Naira sees Akshara in her dream. She wakes up and thinks Akshara might come into her dream to bless her daughter. In the morning, Krish demands to get his room renovated. Keerti oppose but Naksh agree to get his room changed.

Other side, Kartik brings Krish and makes her sleep beside Naira and baby. Krishna gets teary. Kartik and Naira asks Krishan why she is crying. They pacify her. Kartik decides to talk with Goenka’s for Krishna’s adoption. Naira supports him. Here, Manish waits for baby to play with her. Suhasini asks Manish to relax. Goenka’s gets shocked seeing Kaira coming along with Krishna.

Kartik discloses about adoption. He asks Manish to bless him. Goenka’s stands shocked. Manish leaves the place. Kartik asks Manish to listen to him once. Manish says such big decision should not be made individually. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Naira decorates the house for baby’s ‘naamkarann’ ceremony.