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Today’s episode starts with Naira painting on leave. She informs that today is baby’s ‘naamkarann’ which is important function. Kartik gets excited too. He informs Naira that Kairav and Vansh is coming back too. Naira says she will go airport for Kairav. Kartik says why they can’t keep name of baby. Naira says Keerti will keep name of baby.

Ahead, Goenka’s individually give chit to Keerti and asks her to say name written on it. Keerti says she is baby’s aunty thus she will keep name of her. There, Naira thinks Kairav asks her to take out his childhood pictures. She finds her dairy in the old trunk and misses her first child. Karitk brings baby and tells to Naira that she is crying non-stop. Naira says she might be uncomfortable with the dress she is wearing. Kartik asks Naira to get it changes. Naira says Suahsini has gifted the dress with love for the function. Kartik says he will talk with Suhasini. Suhaisini comes and Kartik tells to her that, his baby is uncomfortable in the dress she has gifted. Suhainsi gets upset and asks Kaira to change it if they feel like.

Later, Kaira comes at the function spot. Baby cries and each one out there try to stop baby from crying. Ahead, Kartik informs that he along with Naira and baby is going to bring Kairav and Vansh. Suahsini refuses and says Kaira and baby can’t go anywhere before Pooja. Kartik says they can’t break Kairav’s heart. Suhasini gets adamant not to send Kaira anywhere. Naksh agree to go to the airport. Krish says he will accompany him too.

Krish asks Naksh to wait 2 mins. Naksh stops Keerti and asks her to inform family about their separation asap. He tells Manish wants him to start business with him thus he is asking her to inform soon. Naira interrupts and gives Naksh cake prepared by her for Kairav. She asks him to feed him.

Here, Kaira checks gift of children of the house. They asks if Krishna’s gift there or not. Akhilesh says yes. Kartik and Naira sits for the puja. Baby cries, Kartik says smoke might be irritating baby’s eye. Suhasini asks Kartik not to leave Puja. Keerti asks Kartik to sit for the Puja and she will take care of baby. Afterwards, priest asks Kaira to go as puja is done.

Naira and Kartik waits for Kairav. Keerti tells to Kartik that all were bribing her to keep the name of the baby of their choice. Naira asks Keerti to consider there suggestion for baby’s name too. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kairav returns home. Family rejoice.