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Today’s episode starts with Vansh entering the house. Naira, Kartik, Gayu and others gets happy to see him. Vansh gets excited to see his little brother. Samarth asks Vansh not to touch the baby. Gayu hugs Vansh. Nair and Kartik ask Naksh about Kairav. Naksh says that Kairav refuses to accompany him and stays back at the airport. He says till Kaira will come he won’t come back home. Kartik gets upset with Naksh to leave Kairav at the airport. Manish says he will go to bring him. Naksh says Kairav wants Kartik and Naira to receive him.

Kartik and Naira decides to go to the airport. Priest asks Kaira not to leave the puja in the mid-way. Kaira says they are going to fulfill their duty. Later, Kairav makes his grand entry in the house. Goenka’s dance together and welcomes Kairav and Vansh.

Kairav gift baby a pram. Kairav and others gets happy and dance around the baby. Krishns comes to the baby and tries to gift her handmade toy. Kairav misbehaves with her. He pushes her back and says she was touching his sister with a dirty hand. Kartik asks Kairav to behave as she is elder. Naira about to Kairav that they are going to adopt Krishna but Kartik stops her. Suhasini asks Kaira to complete the ritual first.

Later, Kairav spends time with baby. He and Vansh show the band they have prepared for Vatsal and baby. Krishna comes and says she also made a toy for baby but Kairav break it. Naira calls Krishna to her but baby cries. Suhasini asks Naira to take care of the baby first.

Further, Naira asks Kartik why he stopped her from telling Kairav about Krishna. Kartik says Manish said Kairav is kid and won’t be able to digest the news. Naira says she feel they should take Kairav in confidence from the beginning. Karitk defends and says they should wait. Meanwhile, Kairav tells to Kaira that baby wet him.

Kartik and Naira change baby’s dress. Here, Suhasini asks Keerti to go and get Naira ready for further rituals. Keerti goes. She asks Naira to get ready and sends Kartik out. Kartik before leaving says to Naira that he won’t be able to do in front of all thus flirting with her now. Naira smiles (Episode Ends)

Precap: Goenka’s struggles to decide Baby’s name.