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Today’s episode starts with Suhasini saying to Kartik that she wants to meet Sirat. Kartik asks Suhasini not to talk about some other girl other than Sirat. Suhasini says she just want to see, how much Sirat is alike Naira. Kartik says not much. Suhasini says than why Kairav and he got shocked seeing her. Here, Sirat recalls her past and give a tough fight to the competitor. She win the match. Rohan feels proud of Sirat. Suhasini says to Kartik that everything happens in a life for a reason. Post winning the match, Sirat recalls how Mahesh and Sheela used to underestimate her. She gets teary. Other side, Mauri asks Sonu if he wants to eat pizza than he has to work. Sonu agree and asks Mauri not to tell to Sheela. Sheela come and Sonu run away. Mauri see sweet box in Sheela’s hand and think latter remembers Sirat’s birthday. Sheela asks Mauri to have sweet as property deal crack the deal. Mauri yell at Sheela for being stone heart and don’t remember Sirat’s birthday. She accuse Sheela for trying to defame Sirat. Mauri breaks her tie with Sheela. Sheela walks out from the room. Mauri pray to God and asks to bless Sirat with a good family so that she get rid of Sheela.

There, Sirat wins prize money. Rohan asks Sirat to give party. Both reach the same place where, Karitk has arranged anniversary party in Naira’s memory. Hotel staff gets confused and think Sirat is Naira. He welcome Sirat. Sirat says to Rohan that place seems expensive. Rohan asks Sirat not to think about the money. Here, Goenka’s reach. Kairav gets excited to meet Naira. Rhea asks Kairav, Vansh and Krish to tell they liked the decoration or not.

Afterwards, Sirat see arrangement of Naira and thinks it is done for her. Rohan think he asked restaurant staff to do little arrangement but did it grandly. Sirat gets smitten seeing the arrangement. She shares her happiness with Rohan. Later, Rhea falls and Kartik catch her. Gayu gets angry on Rhea for wearing gown. Surekha asks Rhea not to feel bad hearing Gayu as her tone changed last day. Kairav asks Gayu if she send Kartik’s favorite color gown to Naira or not. Gayu says yes. Rohan and Sirat see the gown. Rohan think he didn’t asked all these and lie to Sirat she won match thus hotel management has done grand arrangement.

Further, Goenka’s come and gets mesmerized seeing the arrangements. She get smitten seeing Naira’s effigy too. There, Sirat gets ready and think the dress fits her finely. There, Kartik recalls his moment with Naira. He decorates cake and write Kaira on it. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sirat shocks Kartik and Goenka’s.