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In today’s episode, Madhav asks Abhira how it matters if Arman loves her. Abhira hopes Arman loves her too. Madhav says Arman will not be able to keep his love. Abhira defends Arman. She says Arman broke his marriage. Madhav says Arman didn’t do anything good by breaking the marriage. Abhira says Arman might have realized his love for her. Madhav says Arman will not be able to keep her trust. He proves to Abhira that Arman can’t be trusted. Madhav says Arman can be easily manipulated by the poddars. Abhira thinks Madhav is right.

Abhira says Arman supported her too. Madhav says Arman disowned Abhira too. Abhira says she can’t separate Arman from his family. Madhav says Arman lives for his family. He says Arman can’t go beyond his family.

Kaveri refuses to accept Abhira and Arman. Manisha says Abhira will come home after marrying Arman. Kaveri refuses to welcome Abhira. Kajal decides to talk to Kaveri about Arman and Abhira’s divorce. Sanjay drags Kajal away.

Madhav asks Abhira to test Arman’s love. He asks Abhira to understand that if Kaveri asks Arman to choose a family, he will do it. Abhira asks Madhav how he can be so sure. Madhav tells Abhira that long-back poddars have done the same with him. He remembers Arman’s mother. Madhav asks Abhira to fight for her self-respect. He asks Abhira to take charge of her relationship. Madhav asks Abhira to let Arman make an effort.

Kajal warns Sanjay to find Madhav; otherwise, she will tell Kaveri about Abhira and Arman’s separation. Elsewhere, Abhira tells Madhav that Arman has to earn her trust. Madhav decides to support Abhira. Arman decides to meet Abhira.

Madhav opens the door for Arman. Arman asks Madhav to let him meet Abhira. Madhav restricts Arman from meeting Abhira. Arman asks Madhav to leave. Madhav asks Arman if he got Kaveri’s permission to meet Abhira or not. Arman asks Madhav to let him meet Abhira.

Abhira meets Arman. Madhav is shocked. Arman regrets hurting Abhira. He expresses his love for Abhira. Arman asks Abhira to support him. He calls Abhira his life. Abhira is stunned after Arman says, I love you. She asks Arman to go back. Arman promised Abhira that he would always support her. Madhav throws Arman out of the house. Arman tries to convince Abhira. Abhira ignores Arman; the episode ends.

Precap: Arman asks Abhira to forgive him. Abhira refuses to forgive Arman. Arman vows to win back Abhira.

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