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Today’s episode starts with Keerti asking Kartik to go out from the room as she has to ready Naira. Kartik refuses to go and Keerti drags him out from the room. There, Krish and Vansh share a talk. Vansh says to Krish he is meeting with him for the first time. Kairav joins the duo. Vansh asks to Krish if he will stay back with them. Krish says they are younger to him thus, can’t play with them. Kairav asks than if he is going to befriend Krishna as she is of his age. Krishna comes and tries to befriend Kairav, Vansh and Krish. But Manish takes away Kairav, Vansh and Krish with him. Krishna is left behind.

There, Keerti says all where bribing her to keep their chosen name of the baby. Naira says to Keerti see can keep name of the baby whatever she feels like. Keerti says thank you. She further says she can’t see mirror before ritual.

Here, Kartik along with Kairav, Krish and Vansh sits beside baby. He sees Krishna and asks her to come too. Manish and Suwarna sees him behind. Manish decides to separate Krishan with Kartik.

Ahead, Naira comes and ritual starts. Kartik gets smitten seeing Naira. Naira gets a call from Varsha. Naira shows baby to Varsha. Varsha says baby resembles Akshara. Naira gets teary. Karitk over hears the talk and gets upset.

Further, Goenka’s sits for the ritual. Kartik calls Krishna. Manish, Suhasini and Kariav makes face. Krishna comes and brings handmade pot. Suhasini says they don’t need it. Priest asks Suhasini to let girl keep the pot. Kairav says girl is his sister so he will call her kitty. Krishna laughs on him. Kartik asks Krishna not to speak. He praises Kairav for keeping name of baby. Later, Goenka’s struggle to keep baby’s name. Naira calls baby AKSHARA. Kartik and others smile. (Episode Ends)