The episode begins with Naira is feeling pity for Lisa and cries as she is not able to help her properly. She discloses to Kartik that during her stay at Goa Lisa is the one who helped her selflessly and religiously. Kartik hugs her to comfort her while she says that she is not able to figure out how to find a solution to this problem? She asks if he is trusting her enough to believe that Lisa is not the culprit here but she is the victim. She gets reminded of the old times Venkat accused of having some illegitimate relation with Mihir. She tells him I know you don’t trust me and is about to go when Kartik holds her. He says you dig the old matter again, then listen if I am at fault then you are also at fault. You could have waited for some days as you know that with time I anger will get reduced and I will surely realize my mistake but you didn’t do that and choose to go away. Naira tells him that I am repeating my words again to you, your trust in me got shaken and that is why you think to question me.

Naira and Kartik come home and Kartik asks Naira to go as Kairav must be looking for her. Naira tells Kartik to disclose the thing to Vedika as she has a right to know what is happening. Naira goes inside and Kartik is checking a file while Vedika comes there. Kartik tries to tell Vedika when she says no one in the house has any objection against you and Naira are talking to each other.

Still, what was the need to go to that cafe for talking and meeting, she says if it is somehow because of me then I have no issue with you talking to her.

In the morning, Kartik is angrily going out of the house saying that Naira went to Singhania Sadan without informing him or else he will accompany her and meet Lisa as well. He takes out a car when the guard says that the car is in short of petrol. He ask if the petrol is enough to reach Singhania Sadan? Then gives a positive sign and he drives the car out. Vedika inquiries about who took the white car and they say it is Naira. Naira is talking to Lisa who is preparing to go back to Goa. Naira tries to assure her that everything will be ok at least she will try to give the whole matter a proper closure.

Kartik’s car stops before and he thinks at least 2 mins more and he will reach Singhania Sadan. He meets Naira on the way and talks to her. He asks if she is going back to home as his car was out of petrol then he will go with her and the driver will pick up the car later. They are discussing Akhilesh and Surekha inside the car when Kartik says when my mom died, she took care of me like a mother and always support me. I am feeling very helpless today that I am unable to do anything for her. Naira gives him emotional support. Vedika catches them sitting inside the car together holding each other’s hand. She talks to Kartik and sells her car is not starting so can she comes with them to home? Kartik and Naira agree when Vedika comes at the driver side and waits. Naira understands her sign and she goes in the back seat while Vedika indirectly taunts her for coming between her and Kartik. Inside the Goenka Villa, Akhilesh is feeling guilty for what he did and Kartik listens to it and tells him that he did wrong. Naira comes to the kitchen to prepare food for Kairav when Vedika also comes there to prepare tea for Kartik. Naira asks her not to put the ginger in the tea, Vedika gets annoyed and says now you will tell me how to prepare tea for Kartik? Naira says the ginger was kept with lemon so it can split the milk of tea says it is not necessary that all the things we visualized are the exact truth.

Precap – Lisa comes at Goenka Villa while Ganapati veneration.