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Today’s episode starts with Rohan complimenting Sirat. Sirat asks Rohan to click a picture of her and she will send it to Mauri. Rohan suggest Sirat a location to click a picture. There, hotel staff talks with themselves and seeing Sirat’s cake decide to decorate it simply as client is not premium. Kartik over hear a talk and says someone is celebrating day on Naira and his wedding, it can’t be a simple day. He decide to purchase big cake for Sirat. He decorates cake for Sirat unknowingly and asks staff not to underestimate client on the basis of premium member or not. Kartik asks club staff to keep big heart on the special occasion. He asks staff not to tell the person that he has send him/her cake. Kartik asks Staff to give the cake on club be-half. Sirat and Kartik’s hit and miss moment happen. Ahead, Sirat and Rohan see the cake and gets mesmerized. Rohan tell to Sirat that he has ordered small size cake. Staff says club is giving complimentary cake to her. Sirat says to Rohan, in her life she is feeling special for the first time.

Sirat makes a paper rose and asks staff to give to the person whosoever has gifted her the cake. Staff asks Sirat to stick it on notice board. Sirat writes thank you. Kartik see the rose. Further, Rohan asks Sirat why she hasn’t sit on the area where her effigy was kept. Sirat says she feel little at big areas. Here, Krish asks Kairav if he is sure Naira will come. Kariav says he and Gayu believes Naira will come. Later, Kartik gives a speech on his and Naira’s journey. He recalls his moments with Naira. Sirat over hear Kartik’s speech and gets smitten. She says to Rohan she is not interested in wedding. Kartik says Naira will forever remain in his heart as she taught him everything right from taking care of children to being a responsible person. Goenka’s clap for Kartik. Kairav wait for Naira. There, Rohan asks Sirat if she will never marry. Sirat says her focus is on boxing only.

Afterwards, Kartik dance on ‘jag ghumeya’ song and dance with Naira’s effigy. Sirat decides to meet the person who was giving speech. Rohan tries to stop her. Sirat says she don’t know but she wants to see the person. Goenka’s celebrate Kartik and Naira’s anniversary. Further, Kartik tell to Goenka’s that he has one more surprise for them. Goenka’s stands shocked seeing Sirat. Kartik gets stunned too. Sirat see Naira’s portrait and stand shocked. Kairav gets elated and says to Kartik he knew, Naira will come. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kartik asks Sirat to leave the place. He shouts at Sirat. Sirat yells back at Kartik.