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Today’s episode starts with Naira keeping baby’s name. She calls her ‘Akshara’. Suhasini says she knows she is keeping Akshara because of her mother. Naira says not because of her mother but she has felt Akshara’s presence since baby has come to her. Suhasini asks Naira if she can’t keep any new name. Naira says ‘old is gold’. Keerti agrees upon the name. Goenka’s call baby Akshara.

Ahead, Kartik calls everyone for photoshoot. Naksh asks Keerti if they can avoid couple photoshoot. Keerti says all will be present there. She asks Naksh if he want to tell the family than fine. Gayu asks Samarth if he will come for photoshoot. Samarth says he will see.

 Suhasini says to Manish that he should talk with Kartik so that he avoids Krishna in family photo. Manish says Kartik will not agree on it. Here, Kairav learns that Krishna too will accompany them in the family picture. He gets upset. Naira and Kartik tries to make Kairav understand. Naira asks Kairav to see sister or friend in Krishna.

Later, Goenka’s click family picture. Kartik calls Krishna too. Meanwhile, Kartik learns from the lawyer that if within two days he don’t complete paper work than they have to take back Krishna from there. Kartik gets tensed. Naira says they have to convince Kairav and family within two days anyhow. Kaira decides to talk with Kairav now.

There, Krish, Vansh and Kairav spend time. Kairav goes to his room and sees Krishna’s stuff there. He gets angry. Vansh and Krish laughs at him. Ahead, Krishna comes and asks about her stuff. Krish says to Krishna if she wants her stuff than she has to pick ball for them. Kartik and Naira comes and misunderstands that Kairav and Krishna is playing together. They think it will be easy to convince Kairav. Post, Kaira left, Kairav throws Krishna out from the room and says she has ruined his game.

Late that night, Kartik and Naira spends time together. They decide to talk with Kairav later about Krishna. Meanwhile, Devyani and badi dadi informs Kaira about Naksh and Keerti’s wedding anniversary. Kaira plans a surprise for duo. Here, Naksh along with Keerti decides to reveal about their divorce on their anniversary day.

Suhasini asks Manish to stop Kartik from adopting Krishna. Vansh tells to Kairav that Kaira is soon going to make Krishna his sister. Kairav sits stunned. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kairav is left alone at the house.