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Today’s episode starts with Naira saying to Sita that she shouldn’t give job to Tina at her firm. Sita says she has a perfect job for Tina and she will make her understand values. Goenka’s gets tensed. Sita asks Tina’s number from Naira. Naira gives her other number.

Ahead, Goenka’s learn that Sita gave Tina a job in her office. Suhasini panics. Kaira gets upset. The duos pacify each other. Kartik thinks to keep contacting other people apart from Sita for the investment. He asks Naira to think once what if their Tina drama doesn’t work. Naira looks for a way to deal with the situation.

In the morning, Naira prays to God and sings a song. Kartik comes from behind. Naira apologizes to God for lying to Sita. She says she is doing for family sake. Further, Naira says to Kartik that she will go to Sita’s office and will reject job offer. Kartik says he too is going to meet some investors.

Other side, Tina goes to Sita’s office and finds it difficult to lie. Sita attempts to teach good manners to Tina. Tina switches ON the computer. Sita says Tina knows the work just she is not able to concentrate thus she will help her. Ahead, Naira overhears Sita and Kundan’s talk. Kundan asks Sita not to invest in Goenka’s as their company has no future. Sita in a fix. Naira gets tensed.

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Later, Kartik and Naira spends quality time at restaurant. Sita spots Kaira together and misunderstands that Kartik is having an affair with Tina. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sita announces that she can’t deal with them as whole family is liar. Kartik asks Sita to leave the place.