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In today’s episode, Ruhi says Abhira’s wedding with Arman is temporary. Abhira gives a befitting reply to Ruhi. She says her position in Arman’s life will always be superior. Arman gets angry at Abhira and Ruhi.

Arman thinks Abhira and Ruhi can fight all day long. Abhira, Ruhi, and Rohit get locked in a room. Abhira looks for an idea to get out of a locked room. Ruhi, Arman, and Abhira get stressed. Abhira and Ruhi fight with each other.

Abhira comments on Ruhi’s dressing style. Ruhi and Abhira argue. Arman asks Abhira and Ruhi to sit separately. Ruhi feels cold. Arman helps Ruhi with his coat. Ruhi gets happy. Abhira gets stunned. Ruhi imagines getting romantic with Arman.

Arman feels cold. Abhira notices Arman. She helps Arman. Ruhi gets jealous. Arman asks Abhira if she is not feeling cold. Abhira makes an excuse. Arman wraps himself around Abhira. Abhira feels sleepy.

Ruhi gets jealous. Arman sleeps too. Ruhi feels itchy. Abhira and Ruhi argue with each other. Arman scolds Abhira and Ruhi. He orders Abhira and Ruhi to head down and sleep. Abhira gets close to Arman. Ruhi gets upset.

Manisha waits for Abhira and Arman. She wonders if Arman and Abhira went on a date. Manisha thinks Ruhi is also missing. She guesses Ruhi might be with Abhira and Arman. Arman and Abhira are shocked to see Ruhi sleeping with them.

Manisha advises Abhira to handle her marriage life. Abhira says she thinks she is a third wheel in Arman and Ruhi’s lives. Manisha warns Abhira. She says Ruhi can’t look for happiness in Abhira’s wedding. Abhira gets stunned.

Abhira gives a massage to Arman. Arman thinks about Ruhi. Abhira gets angry. She wonders why she is bothered because of Arman. Abhira refuses to think about Arman.

Krish tries to catch the water glass. He struggles to reach the table. Arman helps Krish. He consoles Krish. Arman asks Krish how he met with an accident. Kaveri announces giving a position to Sanjay. Everyone gets shocked. Arman gets heartbroken. -Episode Ends

Precap: Kaveri says Arman is busy with Abhira, so she is making Sanjay their legal head. Abhira asks Arman to support her in her upcoming decision.

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