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In today’s episode, Neil yells at Abhimanyu for sending separation papers. Abhimanyu says to Neil that he don’t want to understand anything. He leaves the place. Akshara calls Neil. Neil ignores Akshara’s call. Goenkas decide to hide the divorce papers from Akshara. Vansh asks Arohi to be careful else he will expose her too. Suhasini says they will tell Akshara when the time is right. Akshara asks Goenkas to have dinner. Vansh tries to hide the papers. Akshara finds the papers. Goenkas stands stressed. Akshara fails to sees the divorce papers. Akhilesh, Suhasini, Vansh and Arohi gets relieve.

Akshara asks Neil to arrange her meeting with Abhimanyu. She decides to make a fresh start. Akshara turns hopeful to fix her relationship with Abhimanyu. Neil decodes Akshara didn’t yet received the papers thus she is blabbering. Akshara says Suhasini says when things get worse than they have to start from the start. She asks Neil to bring Abhimanyu to the temple where they first confronted themselves. Abhimanyu waits for Akshara’s reply on separation papers. He thinks why Akshara didn’t yet react on the papers. Abhimanyu waits for Akshara’s reaction on divorce papers.

Akshara dream starting a fresh start with Abhimanyu. She decides to be with Abhimanyu at any cost. Back to reality; Akshara think she wants to be with Abhimanyu like before. She says she can’t wait more to reunite with Abhimanyu. Neil manages to convince Abhimanyu to visit temple. He says he kept puja for Manjiri. Abhimanyu gets agree to visit temple unknowingly. Neil informs Akshara that they are leaving for the temple.

Akshara gets ready to leave. She finds the separation papers and stands stunned. She recalls her moments with Abhimanyu. Akshara stands teary. Abhimanyu visit temple. He recalls his moments with Akshara. He recalls Akshara’ love confession. Abhimanyu asks Neil if he got this temple to keep the puja. Neil asks if there is any problem. Abhimanyu says know. He waits for Akshara’s reply. Abhimanyu spot Akshara with the papers at the temple. Both recall their moments in the flashback. Abhimanyu and Akshara stand stunned.

Akshara confront Abhimanyu about sending the papers. She decides to get separated with Abhimanyu from where they made the start. Goenkas and Birlas visit the temple. Harsh asks Abhimanyu and Akshara what they are doing at the temple. Goenkas tries to take Akshara. Akshara refuse to go and reveals about the divorce papers. Birlas stand stunned. Akshara says she wanted to give a second chance to their relationship but it is fine if Abhimanyu doesn’t want to continue. Mahima says Abhimanyu lost trust in Akshara. Akshara says in between husband and wife none has a right to comment but can listen. Mahima makes faces. [Episode End]

Precap: Akshara signs the divorce papers. Abhimanyu and Akshara gets separated.

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