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Today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts when Kairav cut off Naira phone in anger. After which Surekha started scolding Chhori that why you come in between of cake cutting? It’s not your birthday. After which Naira convince Surekha that she is only a child now, don’t get angry on her. But this worsens the mood of Naira, then Karthik says that you complete cake cutting and I will do mood lighter of Kairav.

After which Naira completes the cake cutting and save the first piece for Manish, then feeds the cake to the rest of the family. Then Naksh says to Naira that we thought so much what we should gift you? But as you’re unique and no one like you, it was really hard to choose. So we have decided that we will introduce you to yourself.

Then all the ladies walk up the ramp with dress up like Naira and then dance with Naira on the music. Only then, the courier boy arrives that told Karthik ordered a birthday gift for you. Naira opens the gift and saw beautiful earrings as gift. Then Karthik arrives and wears earrings to Naira and says I can never forget your birthday, this is the most special day for me.

Then Karthik starts dancing with Naira. But it was just a dream of Naira. Then Naira goes to Karthik and thanks him for the earrings. Suddenly, doctors bring Manish’s medical reports, and told that Manish’s condition is getting worse day by day. Now surgery is the last way to cure him. But Karthik says that there will be danger to the life of my Papa. So I will not allow surgery even if he remains the same whole life. Naira tries to convince Karthik to agree for the surgery.

But he does not understand and told Naira angrily that he is my father, do not worry about him. I will decide what is right or wrong for him. On which Naira also says angrily that he is not only your father, he is ours but you always say your father. Then I am nothing? And if so, then why am I here?

P recap — Naira gets out from Goenka House emotionally and Kartik looking her.