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Today’s episode starts with Gayu asking Kairav to tell who won the competition. Kairav announces Sirat’s name. Sirat jumps out of excitement. Kartik asks Sirat to control. Sirat apologizes to Goenka’s. Riya gets envy. Suwarna praise Kairav for making good decision. She says Sirat’s idol is standing different. Ahead, Suhasini asks Karitk and Sirat to pick up their idol.

Karitk recalls her moments with Naira. Sirat imagines Ranveer. She recalls her past with Ranveer. In the flashback; Sirat asks Ranveer if he will always keep fast for her. Ranveer says to Sirat why he will keep fast when she will not around. Sirat asks Ranveer to keep fast in her memory. Back to reality; Sirat says she will not keep any false hope. Here, Ranveer says he will always keep fast for Sirat.

There, Sirat asks Kartik if he always went with Naira to the same temple. Kartik says yes. Sirat asks if it is difficult for him to perform the Puja with her. She adds she too have good memories of Gangaur festival with Ranveer. Later, Ranveer along with his friend and Sirat along with Goenka’s reach the same temple. Sirat recalls her moments with Ranveer. She fails to see Ranveer.

Ahead, Sirat says to Mauri that she is feeling bad for lying to Kartik. She says she kept fast for Kartik but its Ranveer only in her mind. Mauri console Sirat. She asks Sirat when she doesn’t think about Ranveer. Sirat says when Kartik and his children are around. Mauri asks Sirat to perform puja thinking about them only. Furthermore, Ranveer roams around at the temple.

Later, Mauri tells to Suhasini that there is one ritual at their side. She disclose the girl whose wedding gets fixed, has to keep pot on her head and dance. Suhasini asks Sirat to perform the ritual. Sirat dances with three pots. Pots break; Sirat and Ranveer both feels the pain. Ranveer thinks it is good he was not carrying idol else it would be inauspicious.

There, Kartik asks Sirat not to over think about the pots. He asks Sirat to come with him to purchase new pots. At the place, Ranveer and Sirat’s hit and miss moment happens again. Sirat purchase chunari. The chunari fly and reach to Ranveer. Kartik goes to Ranveer and ask him to return chunari. Ranveer gets impressed with Kartik. Kartik too praise Ranveer’s coolness. Both shares a talk with each other. Ranveer shares with Kartik about keeping a fast for someone who resides in his heart. Sirat spots Kartik talking with someone. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Ranveer and Kartik shares a talk. Sirat walks to see Kartik. She again fails to see Ranveer.