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In today’s episode, Ruhi gets emotional. Arman asks Ruhi not to cry, as they will convince Manish of their marriage. Ruhi asks Arman why he agreed to marry her. She asks Arman why he took the time to make the decision. Arman says that he doesn’t want to hurt Ruhi, Vidya, and Kaveri anymore. Ruhi asks Arman if he doesn’t love her. Arman says he is changed now. Ruhi asks Arman why he is marrying her if he doesn’t love her anymore. Arman says this because he sees his future with her. Ruhi asks Arman if that is enough to run his life. Arman gives a befitting reply. Ruhi asks Arman if he is missing Abhira. Arman says he wants peace in his life.

Abhira asks her boss to give her an her an extension. She asks her boss to increase her pay. The boss terminated Abhira. Abhira is shocked.

Krish, Manisha, and Madhav talk to Abhira. Arman looks for Abhira. Abhira lies to Manish about her job and house. Manisha thinks Abhira is fine. Krish says Abhira is perfect for Arman. Arman overhears Krish’s conversation. Abhira decides to find a job.

Ruhi decides to celebrate Manish and Swarna’s anniversary. Manish refuses to celebrate. Swarna and Ruhi try to convince. Manish decides to celebrate his anniversary. Ruhi decides to throw a party. Swarna asks Ruhi if she is sure Arman still loves her. Ruhi says Arman will love her one day.

Abhira’s owner demands money as she is divorced. Abhira defends herself. She further fainted because of poor health. Arman gets restless. Abhira’s house owner sees her lying on the floor. He tries to get close to Abhira. Abhira saves herself. Manisha asks Abhira for her address. Abhira decides to find a new job.

Arman thinks Abhira is happy without him. He gets restless. Abhira is down with a fever. The owner sneaks into Abhira’s room. Abhira gets uncomfortable.

Ruhi invited Kaveri to Manish and Swarna’s anniversary party. Kaveri refuses to attend. Arman asks Ruhi not to worry, as he will talk to Kaveri. -Episode Ends

Precap: Kaveri plans Arman and Ruhi’s roka during Manish and Swarna’s anniversary. Abhira learns about Arman and Ruhi’s engagement.

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