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Episode begins with Sirat thinking why Kartik brought us all here with no reason. Baa tells sirat here I can do gardening. Sirat says you also got your purpose of coming here but what about me? Why did Kartik brought us here when I have my boxing practice back there? Baa says Kartik must have thought of something. Sirat says yes only you understand him. Baa says don’t be jealous and they both laugh. Manish, Suvarna, Akhilesh and Surekha are walking around and discuss why Kartik brought us here? Manish says I would have never even come here but came juts because of Dadi giving me kasam. Here, Sirat sees kids in pool and Kartik near pool side. She throws a ball at him. Kartik says ouch. Sirat says don’t do ouch ouch, tell me why you brought us here when I have my boxing practice back in Udaipur. Kartik takes out his phone and shows the message where it’s written the venue of boxing changed to Bijyagarh. Sirat says this name is fimiliar. Kartik says not only fimiliar but you have seen also. Kartik shows the board where it’s written this place is same. Sirat says wow you changed the whole venue of wedding due to my boxing practice, thank you so much. Kartik says wedding has to be around family, so place doesn’t matter. Sirat thanks him and is about to hug him but due to the push, Kartik falls into the pool. Sirat says sorry it happened by mistake. Kartik gets out of pool and chases Sirat and throws her into pool. Sirat calls out for help saying she doesn’t know how to swim. Kartik rushes into the pool. Sirat laughs and says only you can pretend? Even I can. They laugh and the kids laugh too. Manish and Suvarana look at them play. Suvarna tells Manish to see how Sirat is really important for Kartik, Kairav and Akshu. Manish just looks at them happily playing.

Later, Kairav takes Sirat to some place. Sirat asks where are you taking me? Kairav says it’s surprise. Sirat says atleast give me a hint. Kairav says no. Kairav brings Sirat to the hall where sagai will be happening. Sirat is happy to see a big mandir there inside and gets happy. Kartik says Dadi wanted a mandir where sagai is about to happen. Sirat says it’s so nice. Kairav then gives Sirat the first wedding invite. Sirat is happy to hold it. All the family members come. Suvarana tells Sirat to give the first invite to god. Sirat and Kartik go near god’s idol and place the card. Sirat does the puja. Rhea is angry seeing it. Suvarana and Gayu start dancing to celebrate. Surekha also joins them and seeing this Rhea fumes. Suvarna then invites Sirat with them. They all celebrate. Later, Kartik tells Sirat to keep the card inside somewhere. Sirat says I will keep it with me as this is rhe certificate of our friendship and that’s why it’s very important. Sirat remembers, in flashback how she told Kartik that she can be a wife to him infront of all but can’t be emotionally connected to him like a wife. Kartik says even I can give you my name only, nothing more. Flashback ends. Kartik thinks and prays that Naira I need you here with me, I am doing this sagai but you are the one I need please stay with me.

Ranveer is talking on call and is saying he is headed towards the airport and he will be there soon. He hears a father talking to his daughter named Sirat and ge gets emotional. Chandan calls Ranveer. Ranveer tells him how he misses Sirat but he wishes she never comes infront of him as he promised Sirat he won’t come near her or restart old things again but if Sirat came infront of him then he won’t be able to control. He gets emotional. Chandan calms him. Ranveer cuts the video call and drives to airport.

Sirat goes out with her boxing gloves. Rhea comes there with glucose water and biscuits. Rhea says you are going for boxing so take this for energy. Sirat dances and says even after seeing this you think I need this energy drink? Just think what will happen if after having so much energy I still take this. Rhea gets irritated and says you and Kartik don’t have any chemistry to work upon so why do you even need the energy. Sirat says you failed that doesn’t mean you can question our chemistry so keeo your logic to yourself. Rhea says you call Kartik ji and it sounds so old fashion, my dadi used to do that. Rhea laughs tauntingly. Sirat drinks the glucose and says eww water is more and glucose is less just like your brain in which stupidity is more than intelligence. Kartik comes and says it doesn’t matter what Sirat calls me and it’s between us. Sirat says exactly and I don’t call you ji I call you G for Goenka. Sirat holds Kartik’s hand and tells Rhea who are you to say we don’t have chemistry look at this we do have whatever is needed so don’t comment. Kartik says it’s our personal matter so don’t say anything. Rhea leaves. Sirat says did I say too much? Kartik says no you did right by telling her to back off as it’s between us. Kartik then asks Sirat to forget the G and just call her Kartik. Sirat says okay Kartik. Sirat says I am going for boxing Kartik ji. Kartik says again? Should I call you Dadi now. They both laugh and leave.

Dadi and Baa are talking on video call. Dadi tells Baa how guruji did some puja in ashram and it went well. Dadi then asks if Kartik is nearby. Baa gives the phone to Kartik who is working. Dadi asks how is he and then asks him to take Sirat to a boutique near the resort where she already had a word and make her do some shopping. Kartik says not required she already has clothes. Dadi says she will do sagai in track pant? See it’s her first wedding so she might have some dreams too. Kartik says you tell this to Suvarna. Suvarna and Gayu come to greet Dadi. Dadi tells them all this and then Sirat also comes. Dadi tells Sirat to go and buy clothes. Sirat says I already have so no need to buy. Dadi says look how they both have similar thought process. Rhea listens to this and gets jelaous.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ranveer is playing guitar and singing in his jeep on a road side. On the opposite side of road, Sirat sees a girl coming wrong way and she stops the car and from window starts screaming at the girl. Ranveer hears her voice and sees Sirat.