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In today’s episode, Abhira learns Yuvraj is stalking her. She worries about Arman, Vidya, and Ruhi. Kaveri feeds Vidya food. Manoj asks Vidya to eat food; otherwise, he will complain to Arman. Vidya asks Manoj not to call Arman. She says that, after the incident, Arman didn’t leave her. Vidya says a son like Arman is a blessing. She remembers Arman’s childhood. Kiara says Arman is the best. She says Arman loves unconditionally. Ruhi thinks Arman will love her always. 

Abhira decides to tell Yuvraj’s truth to Arman before it gets late. Arman hugs Abhira. He reveals to Abhira that Vidya is not her real mother. Abhira gets shocked. Arman remembers how Vidya accepted him. He tells Abhira that Vidya has a big heart because she has accepted him. Arman regrets not being able to protect her mother. He thanks Abhira for protecting his mother. Arman says Abhira did a big favor on him by protecting Vidya. He says he will never forget her favor. Arman breaks down. Abhira and Arman share a private moment. Ruhi spots Abhira and Arman. She interrupts them. Abhira asks Ruhi if she can leave them alone for a few minutes. Ruhi says she is here to talk about something important. She tells Arman that Vidya’s medicines are missing. Arman rushes to see the medicines. 

Abhira and Arman find the medicine. Ruhi says medicine was not in its place. Abhira wonders. Manisha asks Ruhi to take a rest. She says Abhira and Arman will take care of Vidya. Abhira notices expired medicines. She doubts Yuvraj. 

Yuvraj demands that Abhira marry him. He warns Abhira not to tell anyone about him. Abhira gets scared. Arman asks Abhira about her stress. Abhira tells Arman that she is worried about her college fee. Arman refuses to believe that Abhira is stressed over her college fee. Abhira lied to Arman. Arman asks Abhira to tell him the truth. Abhira gets ready to marry Yuvraj. Yuvraj gets excited to marry Abhira in Dubai. Abhira asks Yuvraj not to harm Poddars. Yuvraj decides to follow Abhira’s order. Abhira thinks she will miss Arman and her family. Yuvraj asks Abhira to reach the airport on time. Abhira worries about leaving the family. Arman notices Abhira. Abhira burns her hand. -Episode Ends

Precap: Kaveri throws Abhira out of the house. Ruhi learns Abhira is making a sacrifice to protect their family. Arman worries after Abhira leaves. Abhira prays for a miracle so that she can be saved from Yuvraj. 

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