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Today’s episode starts with Gayu rushing car on the road. Kairav and Vansh cries out for help. Kartik hear Kairva’s call and runs his car behind Gayu’s. There, Riya says to Surekha that she didn’t said anything to Gayu but Gayu turned aggressive towards her. Surekha pacify Riya. Riya tries to manipulate Surekha and Suhasini against Gayu. She says Gayu is losing her mind and they should get her diagnosed to mental doctor. Riya adds she fear one day Gayu will harm children too. Other side, Gayu runs the car. Kairav see Sirat and calls out for her. Sirat runs behind Gayu’s car and jumps in front of latter car. Gayu stops car. Sirat stands and Gayu runs and hug Sirat. Kartik stops the car. Gayu asks Sirat not to leave her ever. Sirat pacify Gayu. Kartik gets angry at Sirat and Gayu for being careless. He scolds Gayu for rushing the car. Kartik gets angry on Sirat for jumping in front of car. Sirat ask Kartik to calm down as Gayu is already stressed. Kartik ask Sirat not to teach her. He ask Sirat what if she would have died. Sirat says but nothing happened to her. Gayu ask Kartik to stop yelling at Naira as because of her she was already in pain and away from the house. Sirat and Kartik stands shocked.

Other side, Manish and Goenka’s worry for children and Gayu. Kartik bring back Gayu, Kairav, Sirat and Vansh back. Riya does drama and accuse Gayu for troubling her. She says that Gayu is mentally unstable. Gayu tells to Goenka’s that Riya told her that Naira is dead and scared her thus, she went to check her. Riya says that Gayu is lying. She tries to manipulate Goenka’s. Gayu tries to defend her. Surekha and Riya ask Goenka’s to send Gayu to mental hospital. Sureakha says no mentally unstable person calls themselves mental. Sirat gets angry and defends Gayu. She indirectly points at Riya and says mentally unstable person don’t react unless one hit on brain string. Riya goes to Kartik and ask him if he believe Sirat or her. Kartik goes to Gayu and says she is his friend and will always support her. Sirat adds Gayu is losing because none takes care of her and behave smartly as what to speak or not in front of her. Gayu gets smitten hearing Sirat. Sirat calls Gayu di. Gayu gets happy and says Naira forgive her. Sirat and Goenka’s stand shocked. Gayu ask Sirat why she is staying at outhouse. Sirat makes boxing excuse. She further apologize to Karitk for calling Gayu di. Vansh and Kairav praise Gayu. Suwarna ask to prepare for holikadahan.

Later, Dev calls Sirat to the garage for practicing boxing. Gayu bring dress of Sirat. Sirat think how she should convince Gayu that she is not Naira. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Dev spikes Sirat’s drink.