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Today’s episode starts with Suhasini saying that she is fine. Suwarna asks Suhasini to get tests done. Sushasini refuses to get her test done and says she has to prepare for post wedding ritual of Sirat and Kartik. Doctor calls Goenka’s. Manish asks Doctor if Suhasini lost her memory. Doctor tells to Goenka’s sometimes people forget their memory but regains soon. He asks the family to take care of her. Sirat says to doctor that she needs to tell truth to Suhasini. Doctor asks Sirat not to tell anything. Sirat cries and prays to God. She asks God why he keep testing her. Sirat stands confused and says she can’t leave Suhasini in this condition. Manish come and console Sirat. He apologize Sirat for the trouble because of Suhasini. Suwarna come and asks Sirat to come as Suhasini is looking for her. Sirat wishes Suhasini gets well soon.

Suhasini looks for Sirat. Sirat come. Suhasini asks Sirat why she seems upset. She asks Sirat if she fight with Kartik as she looks upset. Sirat says nothing. She gets a call from Ranveer. Sirat sit teary. Suhasini enquires about Mauri. She asks if she left for Jaisalmer. Sirat tells to Suhasini that Mauri has gone to the temple. She think to leave the place before Kartik arrives. Mauri come and see Sirat. She asks Sirat if she hasn’t gone to Jaipur. Suwarna tells to Mauri about Suhasini’s accident. Mauri gets shocked. Suhasini than asks Sirat to call Kartik and asks latter by when he will reach. Sirat sits in a fix. Mainsh says he will call Kartik.

Here, Ranveer look for Sirat. Nidhi inform Ranveer that Sirat is at Goenka house as Suhasini is not well. Ranveer decides to visit Sirat. He worries for Ranveer. There, Suhasini perform puja with Goenka’s. She tries to give bangle to Sirat. Sirat decides not to wear anything of Kartik’s name. She tricks Suhasini. Suhasini than demands to visit Kartik and Sirat’s room. When, Goenka’s ask Suhasini not to exert herself and take rest. Suhasini gets angry. Sirat says to Suhasini that she will take her. She further think only God knows what will happen to her now.

Afterwards, Sirat takes Suhasini to Kartik’s room. Suhasini asks Sirat to enter the room. Sirat looks for a way not to enter the room. Ranveer come and Sirat runs to see him. Suhasini think why Sirat ran away. There, Ranveer asks Goenka’s what happened to Suhasini. Sirat reveals to Ranveer about Suhasini’s accident. Goenka’s think if Ranveer will support them or not. Ranveer gets ready to help Suhasini.

Sirat and Ranveer decides to leave. Suhasini come and enquires about Ranveer. Manish says Ranveer is Kartik’s friend. Suhasini shares a talk with Ranveer. She asks about his wife. Ranveer sits speechless. Suhasini takes Ranveer’s mobile to check upon his wife. Suhasini and Goenak’s stands shocked [Episode Ends]

Precap: Suhasini asks why Sirat and Ranveer is sharing the picture. Suwarna makes an excuse and says all takes picture at the wedding with bride and groom. Kartik stops Suwarna.