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In today’s episode, Abhira decides to confess her love to Arman. Madhav stops Abhira. Arman wishes Abhira would accept his love. Madhav asks Abhira if she is ready to trust Arman. Abhira takes Arman’s side. She asks Madhav to trust Arman. Madhav says he worries if Arman will not take a stand in front of Kaveri. Abhira trusts Arman. Madhav says he was in the same situation as Arman. Abhira says Arman’s situation is different. Madhav asks Abhira to rethink.

Arman thinks Abhira accepts his love today. Abhira accepts Arman’s love. Madhav says he tried to stop Abhira. He waits for the result. Kaveri thinks about Abhira and Arman. She gets angry. Abhira and Arman get excited to meet each other. Abhira decides to propose to Arman. Arman plans to surprise Abhira. He decides to open his heart to Abhira.

Arman and Abhira hurry to meet Arman. Kaveri stops Abhira. She asks Abhira if she is going to meet Arman. Abhira confesses her love for Arman. Kaveri tries to manipulate Abhira against Arman. She tells Abhira that Arman and Ruhi love each other. Abhira is stunned to learn the truth.

Arman waits for Abhira at his special place. He thinks no one can separate him from Abhira. Abhira asks Kaveri to show her proof. Kaveri gives proof to Abhira. Abhira is stunned. Kaveri asks Abhira why Arman didn’t tell her the truth about Ruhi. She says Arman is swinging between Abhira and Ruhi. Kaveri asks Abhira if she still trusts Arman. She makes Abhira understand that Arman can leave her, like Ruhi, any day. Abhira refuses to trust Kaveri. Kaveri decides to take Abhira to Ruhi.

Arman looks for Abhira. Manish asks Ruhi to take a rest. Swarna suggests that you play blindfold. Ruhi laughs. Manish, Swarna, and Surekha decide to play blindfold. Abhira interrupts Ruhi. Swarna asks Abhira how she visited them. Abhira decides to talk to Ruhi. Swarna gets angry at Abhira. Abhira says she wants to talk to Ruhi in private. Ruhi asks Abhira to talk in front of everyone. Abhira questions Ruhi about her relationship with Arman. Ruhi is stunned. -Episode Ends

Precap: Abhira asks Arman about Ruhi. Arman says he wanted to tell her the truth. Abhira asks Arman to never show his face again. Arman gets shattered.

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