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In today’s episode, Abhira hides from the poddars. Kajal thanks Ruhi for convincing Charu to move on. Abhira thinks she fought for Charu, but the latter moved on easily before fighting for her love.

Manish wonders seeing too many guest at the party. Surekha says the guests belong to the poddars. Manish wonders what Kaveri is up to.

Abhira bumps into Kalyani. Kalyani tells Abhira that Kaveri has invited them for a special surprise. Abhira thinks Kaveri is planning something. She decides to wait for Kaveri’s decision. Abhira sees the poddars enjoying themselves. She sees Ruhi and Arman dancing together. Abhira imagines dancing with Arman.

Kaveri announces Arman and Ruhi’s roka. Manish gets offended. He says Kaveri is trying to force him to accept Arman and Ruhi’s proposal. Manish gets adamant about her decision. Surekha says Kaveri was wrong for not discussing it with them before announcing the roka ceremony. Kaveri says if Manish is adamant, then she will not change her decision either.

Arman asks Kaveri why she ruined Manish’s party. Kaveri asks Arman if he wants to marry Ruhi or not. Abhira cries alone. Manish tries to support Abhira.

Madhav asks Arman to think about himself. He says Kaveri is trying to force Arman to marry Ruhi. Madhav asks Arman not to repeat the mistake. He asks Arman to think about Abhira. Arman compares Ruhi and Abhira. He proves Ruhi is better than Abhira. Arman gets adamant about marrying Ruhi. Abhira overhears Arman and Madhav’s conversation.

Manisha asks Kaveri to come back home. Ruhi refuses to go against Manish. She asks Kaveri why she upset Manish. Manish hurt his leg. Abhira helps Manish.

Ruhi assures Manish that she will not do roka until he accepts Arman. Manish asks Ruhi to stop being adamant. He says a similar thing happened with Arohi. Ruhi says she will not let history repeat itself. She decides to fight with her destiny. Ruhi tries to convince Manish. Manish agrees to Ruhi and Arman’s roka. Abhira is shattered.

Kaveri asks Arman and Ruhi to exchange the rings. Arman tries to avoid it. Vidya convinces Arman to perform the ritual. Abhira sees Arman. Arman gets ready to marry Ruhi. -Episode Ends

Precap: Abhira decides on Ruhi’s wedding lehenga. Arman asks Abhira what she is up to. Abhira says she is a wedding planner. She calls Arman her client.

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