Episode begins with Naira is asking Kartik to let her and their son go from here as it will only very good for all. Kartik says I don’t let you go anywhere especially with my son. Kairav and Vansh comes there after changing their clothes. They get upset to see all are sad and asks what happened ? Kartik says Ganesh is like a cute kid so he is gone now so all of us are sad.

Kairav says if you miss Lord Ganesha then tell me as I have kept my dress intact and whenever you need I will decked up myself as Lord Ganesha. Kairav says I am not going anywhere I will stay here with you, mom, grandmother and all the people.

Vansh says you didn’t take my name I will cancel you. Kairav says sorry when Kartik asks Kairav to tell his mother that how strong is their team and bonding? He leaves from there saying Kairav and dad are best and they will always be together. Naira also leaves from there upset when Suhasini prayers to God to shower her family with happiness, peace and tranquility.

Kartik is playing with Vansh and Kairav when Naira comes there and hit the ball in place and says my goal is perfect hence my aim is never getting missed. Naira says it was not necessary to be in the opposing team to win, sometimes we can win by being in the same team. She asks Kartik to change his team.

Naira attempts another aim on him but this time she missed it. Kartik says I will not give up fighting until the time I am able to do it and it was not easy to defeat me this time. Naira gets upset again and Swarna calls for Kartik.

Swarna asked the kids to have chocolate more that’s before someone else has them and they leave while she does a conversation with Kartik. She says why are you being ignorant to the feelings of the other people residing in the same house? Kartik says I don’t care about anybody else but I will not be able to live without my son.

Swarna says you know very well that Naira and Vedika can’t stay together under the same roof. Naira has to leave from here while we can’t separate Kairav from his mother. Kartik says why it is sale always that the love mother is always superior than a father? I also love my son as much as Naira does. Just because she gives birth to him it is not that I am having any less of feeling for my kid. It was not possible for me to live without my son after all, it is just now that I got to know I have a son as well after all these years. I can’t live without him, Swarna consoles him and says no matter what Kartik you have to let them go. Kartik looks at her with the shocking and widely open eyes.

Suhasini is recording the moments of Kairav in the house in her phone so that if she misses him anytime and she can watch. Kairav says but I am not going anywhere, he pauses and ask if you are going somewhere? Manish sees all these things from a distance and asks Swarna if they don’t have any alternative option to this problem? Swarna says whatever is happening is good for everyone.

Naira is packing her bags and think how she will take away Kairav from this house as Kartik will not let her do it. Swarna comes there and consoles Naira when Kairav comes in the room and Naira tries to convince him for their departure. Kairav asks whether Kartik is coming with them? Naira says only she and he will leave for Singhania house. Kairav gets angry and said that I don’t want to go anywhere leaving this house and family and my father.

Naira tries to stop him and make him understand that Kairav seems reluctant. He runs around the house and bumped into Vedika. Naira assures her that she will manage Kairav for this. Vedika feels sad and says I am helpless to do this and asks sorry. Kairav comes to Kartik and complains about Naira.

Karthik made him understand that even that family also wants to love him and care for him. He says there is no harm in visiting the house for once, Kartik promised to Kairav that if he feels sad there then just give him a call and he will come to pick him up. Kairav talks rudely with Naira and Kartik scolds him and says this is not a way to talk to your mother and asks him to say sorry. Naira thanks Kartik and leaves from there.

Precap : Vedika and Kartik argue over Naira being there.