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In today’s episode, Abhira asks Ruhi about her relationship with Arman. Ruhi confesses her love for Arman. She blames Abhira for coming in between her love. Ruhi tells Abhira that Arman sacrificed his love for his family. Abhira asks Ruhi why she agreed to marry Rohit. Ruhi says Arman asked her to marry Rohit. She tells Abhira that Arman told her about their contract marriage. Ruhi says that Arman kept her convinced about her marriage to Abhira. She blames Abhira for destroying her marriage and love. Manish asks Ruhi to stop hurting herself. Ruhi says her pain is for a lifetime.

Abhira asks Ruhi why she didn’t tell her the truth. Ruhi asks Abhira if she would have left Arman after learning the truth. Abhira asks Ruhi to tell her the reason for hiding the truth about the truth about her relationship with Arman. Ruhi says Arman himself didn’t want to tell her the truth. Swarna asks Abhira to stop accusing Ruhi. Surekha and Swarna ask Abhira to confront Arman instead of Ruhi. Abhira breaks down.

Arman waits for Abhira. Swarna accuses Abhira of trying to snatch Manish too. Manish asks Swarna not to blame Abhira. He accuses Arman ofbetraying both Abhira and Ruhi. Manish asks Swarna to understand Abhira. Abhira says Ruhi mocked marriage. Elsewhere, Arman decides to tell Ruhi’s truth to Abhira. He wonders if the truth will disturb Abhira.

Kaveri takes care of Abhira. Arman says he doesn’t want to upset Abhira by talking about Ruhi. He is perplexed. Kaveri asks Abhira to leave Arman. She asks Abhira if she will be able to survive at the Poddar house. Kaveri asks Abhira to rethink her decision.

Arman decides to tell the truth to Abhira at the right time. He expresses his love for Abhira. Arman says that with Abhira, he feels completely. Krish asks Arman if Abhira agrees. Arman tells Krish that Abhira is coming to meet her.

There, Madhav thinks Kaveri will not let Arman and Abhira reunite. He thinks Kaveri will surely plan against Abhira and Arman. Kaveri asks Abhira to rethink her decision. Abhira asks Arman about his ex. She talks about Ruhi and stuns Arman. -Episode Ends

Precap: Arman tries to convince Abhira that he loves her. Abhira breaks her tie with Arman.

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