The episode begins with Kairav is packing the bags for leaving himself when Naira comes in the room. She sees him doing the packing and all himself and gets happy and says thank you. Kairav asks for sorry for misbehaving with Naira and says I behaved like a bad boy. Naira says no you are my good boy. Kairav says that my father made me a good boy and asks for how many days we are going to my uncle’s house?

Naira says we haven’t even gone there and now only you are talking about coming back. If we do so your uncle will feel bad right? She tries to change the topic and says let us think what should we take along with us for them? Kairav says we will not inform them that we are coming and will surprise them and Naira agrees.

Vedika comes in the room to give a toy of Kairav and thanks Naira for doing what she promised to her. Suddenly Kairav says he has left his card packs at the line room. Naira wonder what kind of room he is talking about? She goes to bring his card box and enters the room and find it too dark to see anything. On the other hand, Naira switches on her mobile torch and switches on the light. She then noticed all the lines drawn on the wall and shocked. She realized it is Kartik who draw all these lines in her memories. She gets emotional and sat on the chair beside the table. She brings the toys out from the drawer along with the photographs. She sees them and cries saying I miss you Kartik but now I have gone too far from you to come back. That is why I am going far from you so that you can live your life happily.

Naira sees her mobile notepad and it was shown that in which she used to draw lines in the memories of Kartik. She is about to get up when she sees Kartik is also there. Kartik says that for the last 5 years I used to draw lines on the word in your memory. Naira is about to tell him something when Kairav calls for her. She left and Kartik says not only Kairav but you are taking away a part of Kartik too.

All the house members are sad for the departure of Kairav. All are packing gifts and stuff for him with a heavy heart. Vansh says to Kairav that he will miss him and ask him to come back soon. Kairav says from now on, the room is all yours, you can use alone. Vansh says I will not go to that room because that will remind me of you.

Suhasini comes and gives Kairav a gift. He says he will be back soon in the house. Kartik is feeling sad when Kairav comes and asks him to drop him to the car. Kartik says to Naira last time don’t take away my son away from me or else this time I will not be able to keep my patience in text. Naira leaves with Kairav and Goenka family bids them goodbye. In Singhania house, all get happy and surprised to see Kairav and Naira there and Naksh took him for kite flying with him so that he doesn’t miss Kartik much.

Naira things this effort will not last long as after some time he will again miss Kartik but still the more we can avoid it we will.

Precap: PROMO.